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Self-care comes in many forms, and however you choose to practice it, what better time to ramp up your wellness routine than at the start of a new decade?

Kick off the new year with a commitment to improving your well-being, and let CO YOGA + Life® Magazine help with a celebration of products that heal and rejuvenate. Here we have ideas ranging from meditation cushions to probiotic snacks to help you feel your best.

emerginC Kombucha Cleanser

Remove make-up, excess oil and environmental pollutants with this gentle and effective face wash. Kombucha infuses it with antioxidants, probiotics and antibacterial properties. Use morning and night to help condition the skill while leaving it feeling clean and fresh. $35


Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask

This gentle pink clay facial mask is soft and detoxifying for the skin. It draws out toxins while still locking in moisture. Mix half of the packet with water to create a paste and wash off skin after 15 minutes. The white and pink clay, rosehip powder, ground comfrey root (loaded with natural healing properties) and organic rose geranium essential oil smell amazing and leave your skin feeling clear and rejuvenated. $8


Formulary 55 Botanical Facial Steam

This is a must-try if you’re looking to revamp up your self-care routine. Use this organic blend of herbs and flowers in boiling water and drape a towel over your head and enclose face to breathe in and open your pores with aromatic and calming goodness. Single use .25 oz envelope. $8


Wildbloom Resurfacing Night Cream

A soothing anti-aging moisturizer that boots skin complexion with Vitamin C, botanical acids and monoi oil. After cleansing, apply one to two pumps and massage into skin. Because oxidation may occur when exposed to light, it is best to use this at night.


H2a Botanicals Be Beloved Essence Roller

Implement this roller ball during any self-care ritual to instantly feel a sense of healing and balance. This aromatic blend can be used on the soles of your feet, temples, wrists or behind the ears. It’s charged with rose quartz and curated to invoke feminine energy. $18


Caliper CBD

Caliper CBD is the first product to provide a consistently precise dose of CBD in a flavorless, calorie-free and sugar-free powder that quickly dissolves in any food or beverage. Fast acting and convenient, it’s ideal for health-conscious adults looking for a daily dose of wellness. Pack of 10 $24.99


Parker 29L Pink Safety Razor

Specifically designed for women, this double edge safety razor comes with a quality blade that results in a smooth, precise shave. Be careful as the straight edge is extremely sharp. Perfect shower companion to feel extra confident and luxurious for days to come.


Kafina Energy Elixir

Experience the power of pure, herbal energy. Start a rejuvenating day off with sustainable, lasting energy with this elixir shot made of fair trade coffee, schisandra berry, fenugreek, cardamom and Vermont maple syrup. It drives mental focus and uplifts mood. Add to your favorite drink or shoot it at once — it tastes great! 8 pack $25.


Teakoe Fizzy Tea Cans

Perfect for a day chilling in the Rocky Mountains or reading a book. The refreshing fizz comes in four flavors: Signature Cold Brew Black Tea w/ Raw Honey & Lemon,Pineapple Lemon Myrtle Yerba Maté, Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Teaand Pear Garden Mint White Tea w/ Raw Honey.


EcoVessel The Boulder Insulated Water Bottle

Keep drinks cold up to 72 hours and hot up to 14 hours with the Boulder Bottle. The attached strainer holds tea or fruit and infuses the water with the right amount of flavor. Easy cleaning and seven fun colors to choose from. Enjoy your favorite beverage in the bottle and let your self-care day begin! 24 oz $32.95



This probiotic snack is bursting with flavor and vibrant color. Key healthful ingredients include yogurt, kombucha tea, chia seeds, blueberry, strawberry, raspberries, peaches and more. Improve digestion and excite your taste buds with this powerful snack. Purchase at select grocery stores in the Front Range. $1.99


Olive and Olde’s Meditation Cushion

A beautiful Zafu cushion that welcomes meditation and mindfulness practices. The designs are unique and vintage, and it’s composed of high-quality buckwheat hulls, millet and dried sage to support spine and hip alignment. Weighs eight pounds and no two cushions are exactly alike. $95 – $110



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