3 Self-Care Tips to Renew Your Energy | By Julie M. Gentile

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How energized do you feel right now? Our energy levels are determined by how we spend our days — our morning and bedtime routines, how well we sleep, eat, move and hydrate, and how much we work and rest. They also fluctuate with the season of our lives and of the year. Self-care tips

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Maintaining steady energy throughout our lives is not that easy, especially since we’ve accumulated an abundance of stress from the pressures of everyday life. We were already doing a lot when the pandemic came along and gave us reason to devote our energy elsewhere.

That’s where self-care tips can help. As a renewal practice, daily self-care can help restore energy so we can show up as our best selves.

A powerful tool of renewal and inspiration in my life, self-care is the main way I replenish my energy. My daily self-care practices renew my inner light by bringing a refreshed vision to my purpose and path. Every minute in meditation, yoga practice, walk in nature, journal entry and sip of tea while watching the sun set — taking in the beauty of the colorful palette before me —is an opportunity to reset.

These three self-care tips can help you get started on a path of sustained energy.

Do A Little Less For Others

Say “no, thank you” more often to the people and commitments that do not need your attention right now. This frees up time for self-care and creates more energy for you to give back to what is most important to you. self-care tips

Do A Little More For Yourself Self-care tips

Get quality sleep, eat nourishing meals, exercise daily and stay hydrated. These are not life’s little luxuries; they’re everyday energy essentials. Begin with the smallest, most realistic self-care practice. For example, instead of declaring that you’re going to sleep for 10 hours every night, go to bed 10 minutes earlier than you usually do.

Get More Rest

Replenish your basic self-care needs regularly. Express yourself creatively through writing, art, cooking or movement. This will add vitality to your life and spirit.

Stand up for your self-care. Make your needs known. Advocate for your well-being. Make sure your voice is heard. Your needs matter just as much as everyone else’s do.

Three-word mantra: Ask someone else. You weren’t meant to do it all. Ask a partner, family member or friend to help you when you need it. They are often happy to assist.

Life is not perfect and there will be days when self-care falls off your radar. If you stick with your self-care practices most of the time, you will more often feel renewed when you wake up, ready to take on whatever your day brings.

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Originally published in Summer + Fall 2022 issue.

HeadshotJulie M. Gentile helps busy people create better self-care habits as a yoga teacher (RYT 500), author of two award-winning books: 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas and How to Stay Calm in Chaos: An Everyday Self-Care Guide, and creator of the StandUp for Your Self-Care blog and YouTube Channel. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @JulieGtheYogi, and sign up for her monthly self-care newsletter Nourish Note at JulieGtheYogi.com.

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