30 Days of Journaling Prompts to Renew Winter Spirits | By Sweta Karki

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Whether you want to start your morning being intentional about your daily goals or unwinding at night in your comfy bed, here we offer you 30 journaling prompts to express your thoughts and boost your overall wellness. Grab your paper and pencil, because that is all you need to begin the 30-day journey.

  1. Write down five positive qualities about yourself. These will be your affirmations for the next 30 days. Repeat them daily.
  2. What does “be brave” mean to you? Has your definition been influenced by others? By your definition, how have you practiced being bold?
  3. Think and write about a quote from a poem, book, interview, etc. in relation to fearlessness. Why does this quote speak to you?
  4. What is a bucket list item you have always wanted to do? This could be facing your fear, trying a new activity or taking the first step to a lifelong dream. If money or time were not an obstacle, would you do it?
  5. Reflect on a time when you doubted yourself. What actions did you take to overcome the doubt? How did you learn about your personal strengths through the obstacle?
  6. If you could talk to your younger self, what advice would you give on showing courage in the face of uncertainty or lack of confidence?
  7. Make a list of everything that inspires you to be courageous. Why does it inspire you?
  8. Describe a perfect day. Do you sleep in or wake up early? Is it a weekend or a weekday? What makes it a perfect day?
  9. Where have you shown kindness to others? More importantly, where have you shown kindness to yourself?
  10. What is the most impactful compliment you have ever received? What made that compliment so heartwarming?
  11. Write a letter about someone’s determination that makes you feel empowered. Maybe you admire the way they carry themselves or the way in which they bring out joy in others.
  12. What are you most excited about right now? Why are you excited about it?
  13. Which three topics can you confidently talk about? Whether it is about the history of a painting or an artist you listen to frequently, celebrate your knowledge!
  14. In what situations do you feel as if you have gained energy? Does it motivate you, keep you relaxed or make you adventurous?
  15. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your current surroundings. Now imagine your life one year from now. What do you feel, smell or hear? Then, imagine yourself five years from now. How different does your life look? Write down all your observations and feelings.
  16. How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
  17. Write about an achievement you are most proud of. What makes it stand out from all other achievements?
  18. Share a crazy dream you have had. Why is it memorable?
  19. Make a list of short-term goals you can see yourself committing to. Go wild and be daring. In the next few months, go after them!
  20. What season are you in currently? Is it your favorite? Describe being in this season. What are your favorite things to do during this season?
  21. How can you step out of your comfort zone? Do you have activities or ideas for pushing yourself to try new things?
  22. If someone really knew you, what 10 things would they know about you?
  23. Write a letter to the editor of your favorite magazine telling them what features you would like to see included in the magazine. Be curious and spirited!
  24. How would you like to make an impact to better our society or planet? How can you best share your talents or abilities with the world?
  25. When did you feel most authentically yourself? Who were you in the presence of?
  26. Think about the community that you are a part of. Write about how you contribute or would like to contribute to that community. How can you support the members of the community?
  27. What are your most closely held values? Where did they originate?
  28. What negative emotions are you holding onto? Why are you holding onto them? How can you let them go?
  29. What is the best decision you have ever made? How did you make the decision? Did you trust your gut instinct, or did you reason your way through the choice?
  30. How are you going to make tomorrow or today a wonderful day? How will you continue to stay present and enjoy the small moments?

Journaling can serve as a great way to destress, and you can start at any time. We hope these 30 days help you to reconnect with your feelings and ideas. Furthermore, you can see how journaling can become a daily practice for you.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson.

Sweta is an avid reader and has a deep appreciation for writing that inspires others. She is a current student at Stanford University studying computer science. As an intern for Jaunt Media Collective, Sweta hopes to create stories with real impact and purpose. She loves curating new playlists, exploring local coffee-shops, and spending time with family and friends!

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