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Yoga was never a part of the big picture in Kelly Elle Kenworthy’s plan, but she found her way into a studio after moving to Galveston, Texas at 21. Like a lot of students, she turned to the practice to see if it could help her “get her shit together.” As a student, she never thought about becoming a teacher, but continued practicing through college, and at 25 she moved to Santa Barbara. While doing an internship for grad school in the counseling field, Kelly Elle began to see how completing Yoga Teacher Training would be an added benefit to her counseling work; but again, she still didn’t think she’d become a teacher.

In 2010 Kelly Elle found her way to Boulder, working for Naropa University as an Admissions Counselor. In September of 2011, the Little Yoga Studio opened and Kelly began teaching there. She now serves as teacher and owner, staying true to Little’s roots and continuing to grow the business.

Recently, the Little Yoga Studio has had a tiny makeover: new artwork and fresh paint. Kelly Elle is going for a subtle spiritual vibe; there are prayer flags, crystals and incense. Kelly Elle hopes that the Little Yoga Studio can be a place where people can “dive into their shit” and a place that prepares students to “walk back out and tackle life.”

The Little Yoga Studio’s mission is to be affordable, inclusive and offer qualified teachers who’ve been teaching for five plus years. In a competitive market staying mission driven is what has made the Little Yoga Studio find its footing. The studio’s diverse offerings allows students to constantly evolve over their lifelong practice; the studio offers everything from vinyasa, yin, kundalini and tons of workshops! One of the other special things about the environment at the Little Yoga Studio is that teachers are encouraged to feel like it’s their studio when they are teaching. Teachers have the freedom to teach the way they want and the space to get creative. In the past couple of years, the Little Yoga Studio has also offered Yoga Teacher Training. In fact, the sunny morning we met, Kelly Elle was getting ready to dive into leading another training.

Kelly Elle is a force; her class is peppered with “Y’all’s” paying homage to her Texas roots. Her flow is intelligently designed and alignment based, and is what some refer to as the “slow Kelly Elle burn.” For the first time, Kelly Elle will be bringing that slow burn to a festival late this spring at the 10th annual Campout for the Cause in Buena Vista!

Last Thanksgiving, Kelly Elle paired up with one of her yoga students, none other than Dango Rose of Elephant Revival, and his producing partner Evan Reeves for a donation-based live music yoga class. The trio raised $1800 for MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault) through the 94 attendees. It was a success, and the three thought they might be onto something — They’ve continued to offer a live music-vinyasa class bi-monthly on the first Friday of the month at the Little Yoga Studio. Now, they will be bringing their talents to Campout for the Cause together as a package they are calling: The Saatvik Offering, which “explores realms of acoustic improvisation, harmonic sequencing and American based composition as the tonal backdrop to conscious vinyasa flow.” If third eye tapping, chill yoga vibes and Dango Rose playing singing Tibetan bowls is your kind of thing, then you should check them out at Campout for the Cause this June!

If you are looking to check out the Little Yoga Studio, drop in classes are $10, leaving plenty of room in your budget for a potion at Shine after class!

Photo Credit: Kelly Elle Kenworthy


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