9 Ways You Can Build a Better Website + Get Back to Your Mat

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Let’s be honest — we’d all rather spend more time on the mat than in front of a computer working on a website. While your online presence is important, building a new website pulls you away from the things you enjoy about your practice. Make the most of your website time with these design and content tips.

Put Your Clients’ Needs First

When they visit your website, prospective clients are looking for the answer to one question: Is this the best fit for my wellness goals? Your website should answer that question quickly and clearly, whatever your discipline. Design your website around your clients’ needs and demonstrate how your offerings are the right fit for them.

Clarify Your Brand

All of your marketing pieces, including your website, should look great together and accurately represent your business. Review your logo, color palette, font styles and other design elements. If anything seems dated or misaligned with your mission and vision, it’s time to focus your brand.

Claim Your Niche

You can’t be everything to everyone. Honestly reflect on your studio’s strengths. Get specific about what makes you different from all of the other options. Then, speak directly to your niche on your website.

Purchase Your Website Domain

Your website domain should be short, easy to remember and simple to share. A .com address that is the same as your business name is ideal. When purchasing a domain, be sure it is registered to an email address you will have access to long-term. This also gives you the control to change where that domain is pointed in the future.

Decide on Website Features

What will you need your site to do for you and your clients? An online scheduler and video streaming capabilities are increasingly important. Remember that websites are living documents. You will be adding and changing your site’s features over time, as needed. Be sure to select a platform and vendor that can grow along with your business.

Collect & Organize Compelling Content

Great content is the backbone of a successful website. The design of your site should flow from your content. Write the content for your website before you start building it. As you write, craft sentences that inspire people to take action. You will also need powerful images and videos to help tell your story. Spend the time to procure, edit and organize your site’s content prior to building it. This will save time and money on the build process but will also result in a much cleaner, more effective website.

Opt for a Soft Launch

Share your site with colleagues, family and friends who will review the site and give you honest feedback before announcing your new site to the world. Use their feedback to polish your site, then announced it boldly to the masses.

Make Marketing Part of Your Routine

Your new website is just one element of your marketing plan. Without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing or social media, it will be difficult for people to find your site. A 12-month marketing plan will help you make the most of your investment.

Partner with a Pro

Some business owners may be comfortable creating a DIY website. But, many yogis find their time is better spent on the mat teaching classes. Partnering with a professional website designer can save you time and ensure your studio’s website looks and performs optimally.

SitesForYogis.com offers an affordable range of solutions from DIY coaching to full design and development. We’re yogis, we get it and we’re here to be your trusted communications partner. Free consultations are being offered to the YOGA + Life community.



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