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A new wave of fitness classes have emerged in Colorado. AKT is located in Cherry Creek and is already drawing in a crowd. Created by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, AKT fitness classes are dance-based cardio workouts. The classes incorporate toning, interval training and circuit work in order to provide maximum results. 

While the program is dance-based, you do not have to have any prior dance experience other than the moves you break out as you get ready in front of the bathroom mirror when no one is around. They have other offerings from Dance + Tone + Intervals, Box + Bands + Intervals to Tone + Condition + Recover and Circuit + Strength + Circuits. All of the classes incorporate different props and movements that allow members to mix it up and continue to have fun on their fitness journey.

“It’s a great modality for high interval training coupled with strength training so you get a full body workout, head to toe,” shared KJ Denton, one of AKT’s trainers. 

It is truly a full body workout that you can enjoy. The upbeat music, colorful lights and disco ball hanging overhead invite a refreshing attitude and outlook on fitness into the room. With all of this and the additional encouragement of the instructors, you’ll feel like there is nothing you can’t do, no goal you can’t reach. 

Denton’s best piece of advice is to, “Just come try it, it’s going to challenge you, its going to push you to your limit, but it’s well worth it.”

Learn more about AKT: www.theakt.com

Born and raised in Colorado, Hannah just couldn’t bring herself to leave. Currently a student at the University of Colorado, she is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sports Media. Playing soccer all her life, she hopes to one day find her niche in the sports journalism world. Expanding on her love for all things health and fitness, she completed her Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga and has been a sculpt instructor for over a year. But nothing keeps her as busy as trying to parent her 10 month old Blue Tick Beagle puppy.

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