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Campout for the Cause : 10 Years of Music, Yoga + Community | By Michael Welle

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Roots music and yoga weekend celebrates 10 years this June in Buena Vista

A new home for new beginnings. Campout for the Cause is approaching its tenth year, but it almost lost the chance to reach such a milestone. After many years in the same location, it became apparent that the event and more importantly, its core messages, beliefs and values, were in jeopardy and not sustainable without a major shift in location.

Last year we moved the event to The Meadows property in stunning Buena Vista, Colorado. If I were to tell you that this place, this piece of land with its meandering streams, lush meadows, serene ponds and towering cottonwoods, is nothing short of a canvas for pure magic waiting to happen, I might be selling it short.

You feel it the minute you turn on the first gravel road leading into the site, as it twists and winds its way through the trees along the rushing and bubbling of Cottonwood Creek. It’s a warm, calming feeling; akin to coming home from a long journey to a place where there are no barriers, no static, no walls between you and what you seek. This place, with this group of like-minded people, is one where passion, creativity, inspiration and love flow free like the waters of the namesake creek that passes through this rich land.

Campout has finally found the muse it has long been searching for.

For three days this gathering hosts people from all walks of life who come together to be inspired and awakened by everything the event has to offer. Music and the yoga are what gets you there, and there is plenty of both to be had all weekend. At any given moment during the day you can gaze out into the meadow and see a yoga class up on the hillside, people hanging on aerial rigs above the swaying green grass in the meadow, or watch a big group in the music venue striking poses to the deep beats emanating from the main stage. As yoga winds down for the day, the music picks up and leads us all on a sonic journey under brilliant night skies.

If you didn’t get enough from main stage acts, the show continues around the flickering firelight of the late night acoustic jam, up on a hill overlooking it all.

But there is something else even more special and that really sets this event apart: the connections. The people you meet, the engaging and deep conversations, the packs of smiling kids running through the trees and exploring the streams, the souls you see blossoming right before your very eyes. The vibe that is created here in this space is not something you can force or purchase as so many others attempt to do. It happens so easy and organically that it just makes your soul beam with happiness and gratitude that you are one of the fortunate ones who got to be there and help curate this little slice of heaven.

My 22-month-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare child cancer.

Each year there are multiple beneficiaries ranging from humanitarian and disaster relief to medical causes and local nonprofits that make up the Cause(s). To be able to assist different organizations geared to helping others is a gift in itself and often means the world to those on the receiving end. I should know.

Last year my 22-month-old daughter Emery was diagnosed with a rare child cancer and has been undergoing intensive treatment since. Our journey has been a difficult one during the last 15 months, filled with a mountain of stress, worry and anxiety about the unknown. It was truly a gift to have her as one of the causes in 2017, which greatly assisted with the mounting costs of treatment. We were so grateful, not only for the money raised, but even more so for the love and support that comes along with this beautiful tribe.

Moving forward, the sky is the limit.

It was a gift to watch Emery run around in the grass, breathing in the fresh mountain air, free and untethered. The powerful words of encouragement, comfort, reassurance and straight up love were just what this little family needed to carry on down the path towards a brighter future. A prescription for all things Campout for the Cause was just what the doctor ordered. Moving forward, the sky is the limit. The fires of inspiration have been reignited from this soul-quenching weekend and we can’t wait to plan for this coming year with love, positivity, deep connections and thoughts of our tribe all leading the way.

Campout for the Cause celebrates its 10-year anniversary in Buena Vista, June 1-3, 2018. Learn more at

Michael Welle, a New Jersey native and longtime Colorado resident, has a passion for producing high-quality events. His career began with many years working in high-volume bars and music venues and quickly evolved into event production. Since connecting with Scotty Stoughton at State Bridge Riverside Amphitheater many years ago, Michael has been a part of many successful festivals and events around the country including each and every WinterWonderGrass Festival. When Michael is offsite he enjoys spending time with his wife, Aja, and his two kids, Ewan and Emery, and their black lab, Taz in the high country of Colorado.
Photo by Tobin Voggesser

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