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Care for Colorado : Watch This Leave No Trace Video By Colorado Tourism Office

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A clueless hiker, critters posing for food and a musical moose/bear duo are the latest cast of characters enlisted by the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) to reduce the impact of travelers on Colorado resources.

The CTO produced a 2 1/2-minute animated video with an edgy jingle and vibe that takes viewers through the seven Leave No Trace – Care for Colorado Principles.

“We hope travelers find this video as funny and catchy as we do, but most of all, we hope they take to heart the important messages it shares, like ‘be careful with fire’ and ‘keep wildlife wild.’” said CTO Director Cathy Ritter.

As part of its responsible tourism initiative, the CTO actively encourages travelers to explore off-peak seasons and less-visited destinations, while inspiring them to travel like locals, engage in “voluntourism” and support causes dear to Coloradans.

Check out the video here: 

“Are You Colo-Ready?” Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the seven Care for Colorado Principles.

Photo courtesy of the Colorado Tourism Office.


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