Celebrate the Spring Equinox | By Ange Stopperan

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Spring Equinox (March 20th) is around the corner, brighter days bringing in more light. This marks a time of year when day and night are in equal balance. The renewal of nature begins, as lime green buds burst and mountain snow melts into the rivers. Spring Equinox is a time to celebrate rebirth as we offer awakening from our long winter’s rest and honor a time of growth and warmth.

We begin again to open and stretch our bodies, minds and hearts to new dreams and possibilities.

A great way to celebrate Spring Equinox is to gather the friends and family in your life who support your growth. A tree has many buds to bloom with. Bloom with those who help you grow. Below are some ideas on ways to celebrate Spring Equinox together.

Create a flower mandala — Gather materials that you’d like to use (flower petals, leaves, sticks, greens, and rocks). Mindfully begin to place the materials you’ve collected in an intuitive design. The word Mandala means “circle.”  A Mandala represents the deep connection with oneself and those who we bring into our circle; friends, family and communities.

Head outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. Gather your friends and hike, noticing the new grass peeking up through the dirt and buds of the trees beginning to reach out towards the sun.

Plan an evening campfire dinner, welcome in the warmth while you set new intentions for the spring and summer.

Make time to support a friend in their growth with mindful listening and attention.

Create a Spring altar to honor new beginnings with fresh flowers or eucalyptus, a new candle, and stones like Rose Quartz (love and connection), Celestite (renewal and positivity), Jasper (strength and courage) and Amazonite (new manifestations).

Diffuse Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils to bring a fresh scent to your home.

Incorporate a fresh perspective into your life this spring and allow yourself to celebrate and honor this time of new beginnings.

The object of our love is love itself.  It is the inner light in everyone and everything
~ Ram Dass
Photographer – Stephanie Lonon  
Florist –  AnnaliseThe Amaranth  
Along with her role as a CO YOGA + Life™ Ambassador, Ange Stopperan is a yoga teacher, business coach, mentor to yoga teachers, sound healing practitioner, designer of sacred spaces and helps her students learn the practice of creating rituals to help ground and connect to their inner guidance. Ange is a faculty member at the Colorado School of Yoga. Ange runs online business courses for yoga teachers through the Colorado School of Yoga. www.angestopperan.com 




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