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With so many options, on what seems like every corner, how do you choose what dispensary to go to? Native Roots is trying to take the guess work out of it for you. Their recognizable branding can be seen scattered around the state with over 20 locations. You will see their logo and designs on everything from your favorite smoking device to yoga leggings.

CO YOGA + Life® Magazine had a chance to have a Q & A with Native Roots on their brand and what they are creating.

When did the idea of Native Roots come to fruition and what was your first location?

In 2009, Josh Ginsberg opened the Dandelion in Boulder and in 2010, Rhett Jordan opened the Native Roots medical dispensary on the 8th floor of the University Building on Champa street in downtown Denver. These were the precursors to the current Native Roots organization that combined to open the company’s first adult-use dispensary in the Champa location in 2014.

The company continues to grow and evolve with 20 locations across Colorado currently and new location expansion in Canada as well as plans to explore other US states.

When traveling around the state your logo can be seen in many places, was this your original design and what was the hope people would experience when seeing it?

Native Roots has several distinctive branding vehicles including our tree logo and wall paper as well as our external store logo. Regulations and product changes have required evolutions of all but the idea of a clean, fun, professional and welcoming environment have been a part of our perspective since the beginning and will continue as a guiding direction.

Explain to the readers why they should stop in to a Native Roots when they are looking for a

Native Roots is committed to a welcoming and inclusive customer experience, whether this is your first time shopping for products in a dispensary and you have tons of questions or you are a seasoned shopper who knows exactly what you are looking for.  Our budtenders go through one of the most intensive training programs in the industry and work to help you find the products for the experience you are looking to achieve. We are passionate about cannabis and we love to share our knowledge and excitement.

Further, with our own grow and infused product facilities, we have full control over our flower and concentrate products and hold ourselves to the high-quality standards we demand as our own customers. We also hold our outside product vendors to the same high standards.

In addition, as a company, we go beyond the retail experience to be active participants in the communities in which we operate, committing service hours and funding to local non-profit and charitable organizations, and leading the industry on the national stage changing many of the stigmas associated with cannabis and its enthusiasts.

What is next for Native Roots? More locations?

As one of the largest cannabis companies and the largest dispensary in North America, Native Roots is a leader in the industry and we intend to stay at the forefront by looking at the larger landscape with opportunities in new locations.


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