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Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2018 issue.

Jenni Frank has been based in Breckenridge for four years, and in that time she’s dedicated a lot of her energy toward teaching studio classes, teacher trainings and other offerings at a few different studios around the county.

“About a year ago, my appetite began to shift — I knew that an opportunity to create a bigger impact was on the horizon. I took a very inspiring trip to India and that is where it all ‘became,’” she shares.

“During my time there, and from the moment I returned home, all signs led me to the opportunity: create a beautiful and welcoming space where locals and visitors alike can share the best of yoga and wellness. Everything fell into place.”

She spent the summer of 2017 curating the vision, the team, and the space.

“Doors opened in January of this year and we haven’t missed a day. I am blown away every time I step into the studio — it’s becoming home for so many people,” says Frank. “Bhava is a Sanskrit term that translates to mean ‘a state of well-being’ or ‘becoming.’ I feel this fully encapsulates what we hope each individual experiences during their time with us.”  

What do you hope to bring to Colorado and the Breckenridge community? 

We’re raising the yoga bar! Bhava Yoga is a destination for exceptional yoga and wellness services. Our vision was to create a beautiful space with unparalleled services and an abundant community. We have a variety of offerings for practitioners of all levels. Bhava Yoga is a welcoming space for both locals and visitors to connect and experience the power of a thoughtful, conscious life. We value yoga education and have designed our educational offerings to be dynamic and accessible for many. A stopping place on your yoga journey — no matter where you are!

What would you say makes your space and your offerings unique? 

Our space is one-of-a kind. The design was curated with the intention of providing a welcoming and elevating yoga experience. In addition to our weekly yoga and pilates classes, we offer seasonal cleanses (spring and fall) designed by the concepts of Ayurveda (the oldest form of self-care), and enriching yoga education opportunities. We’ve got an in-house boutique stocked with exclusive yoga apparel, apothecary products from local and afar, craft jewelry, and so much more! Enjoy a cup of kombucha on tap in our cozy lounge space, where you can connect with fellow yogis before and after class. To top it off, we’ve gathered a team of passionate and seasoned teachers whom invest themselves fully into their teachings, and their personal practice. We did not skip a beat, or a detail, when crafting the space or the program — it’s truly something special!

What is coming up for Bhava in 2018? 

Yoga education is a big passion of mine. We are very excited to launch our 200-hour foundational teacher training program in the fall of this year; a comprehensive program that will awaken your appetite for all things yoga and self-evolution. We’ve got a talented and dedicated group of in-house teachers leading the program who are ready to share the dynamic and ever-evolving practice of yoga! Our intention is to provide an enriching yoga education and exploration into self, nestled in a beautiful mountain setting.


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