Deva Premal Goes Instrumental | By Michelle Yuma

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Grammy nominated Deva Premal released an instrumental version of her newest album, Deva. The pieces from this album blend together masterfully. With limited to almost no vocals, it’s still almost like the song is singing to you, or even with you. With nurturing tones and soothing instruments, it inspires the listener to glide deeper into inner peace and a safe place of meditation.

“It’s fun because I’m hardly singing on this album. It’s an afterthought that’s unfolded into a beautiful offering,” she shares. “It makes you want to sing with it.”

Deva also mentions how whether or not there are actual vocals, many listeners still feel a voice guiding them along.

“We’ve had feedback that people who know the original album almost hear the vocals, or the mantras anyway,” she says.

With a lot of people struggling in uncertain times, mantras are meant to open up the heart and mind to give the restless soul some peace. Deva explains how this music can really create such a beautifully connected community.

“I like to call it Vitamin C,” she shares. “Vitamin Connection.”

“It’s not a religion, it’s not a belief, it’s pure sound medicine,” she adds, speaking on how these sounds bring pure joy and warmth. “The mantras are sound medicine.”

Even though this particular instrumental version doesn’t include mantras, the soothing instrumentals still offer a journey into a more peaceful spirituality.

As for future plans, Deva jokingly replied with, “Who is planning for the future nowadays?” She explains her and her partner have been involved in online retreats and plan to do another one but with couples.

In March, Deva and her partner did 77 straight days of hour-long meditations online. “Such a strong practice for all of us,” she adds, “helped many of us through that period, especially from March to June.”

“Out of that, a really strong community emerged, its thriving and they support each other, look out for each other, pray for each other,” she describes. ”It’s really beautiful to see that we have this global connection.”

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, Deva still has a positive outlook on how it impacted many lifestyles and individuals. “That’s the real gift that’s came out of Corona.”

Photo by Rishi @ HappyLiving Media.

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