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Dr. Ava Cadell Opens New “Loveology Retreat” in Maricopa, California

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Globally renowned relationship expert, author, love guru, media therapist and lecturer Dr. Ava Cadell has opened “The Loveology Retreat,” a stunning and inspiring “magical property” in Maricopa, California, about a two hour drive north of Los Angeles. Since 2000, the site served as the Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple Retreat. The new Loveology Retreat represents a real-life, in-person extension of Dr. Ava’s long-popular, online program Loveology University®.

For the past two decades, Dr. Cadell’s mission has been to promote the benefits of healthy relationships, emotional intimacy and physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual wellness to students worldwide. She has presented seminars both in-person and online — spreading a positive message of spirituality, happiness and love.

Dr. Cadell and the Loveology Retreat will offer clients one special program on-site each month. The first of these, entitled “Boosting Your Passion, Love and Happiness,” will be held October 14-16. In addition to Dr. Cadell, guest speaker will include: Dr. Shannon Chavez, who will teach how to attain emotional intimacy with your partner and how to build awareness surrounding romance and passion; Dr. Hernando Chaves, who will offer new ways to explore and enhance sensual pleasure; Sabrina Jackson, who will demonstrate how to use sensual movement as a path to erotic empowerment and a method to heal trauma; and Ram Kirin, who will teach Kundalini Yoga, meditation and breathwork and will present a “sound bath” by the massive, on-site Stupa. For details about this special program, visit

Well-known for Zen Meditation in the Ventura County Mountains of Southern California, the former residents of the Loveology Retreat property were two Buddhist Monks who previously had opened their home to the outside world for Buddhist teachings, meditation workshops and Buddhist festivals. “As soon as I met those two Monks, I felt an immediate mind, body and soul connection. When they shared their desire to move to a smaller place, I knew that this magnificent desert land, with its mountains and an abundance of trees, flowers and Buddha statues, would make an ideal location for my Loveology Retreat!” says Dr. Cadell.

Dr. Ava Cadell

Photo courtesy of Loveology University

 “It has always been my dream to own and operate a retreat where I can deliver my seminars to students, couples, families, widows and widowers, instructing and empowering them to learn how best to live and love,” she adds. “In addition, this retreat can also serve as an ideal desert and mountain location for filmmakers and TV productions, as well as for weddings and other family and couples-friendly events.”


The Loveology Retreat is located at 941 Lockwood Valley Road, Maricopa, California. For reservations: To contact The Loveology Retreat:


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