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Tell us a little about Drishti Beats as a group and what you offer for yoga classes and events.

The short answer is that Drishti Beats establishes an inspirational space for a new yoga experience!

Yoga represents Union — a community and a connection between the mind, body and breath. Vinyasa means to place something in a specific way. As Yogis, who are also musicians and music producers, we strive to integrate our minds, bodies, breathing and Vinyasa flow movements with our music. To start, we create our own melodies and lyrics with specific yoga movements in mind and then use that musical foundation as an organic vehicle in our Drishti classes to build the experience of community through the Vinyasa flow and breath connection. When we teach our Drishti Yoga Class, the instruction, music and movement are all carefully composed to collaborate harmoniously, creating a dynamic “woven fabric” of meaningful yoga movement. We build momentum, inviting our participants to explore a new and heightened yoga experience.Sometimes the teacher is simply the instructor … coaching and assisting. Sometimes the vocalist is singing a message that is supported by the teacher’s hands-on coaching. But always, the live music and movement are intrinsically connected. Offering Drishti Beats classes at events allows yoga enthusiasts and new-to-yoga participants the opportunity to engage in something innovative, fun and serenely musical. I mean, in how many classes do you have a saxophone player or a violinist inspiring you during savasana? Or just imagine a rapper/beatboxer and singer sending a beautiful life message as you breathe into a downward dog.

Why do you think Drishti Beats creates a unique experience at yoga and music festivals throughout the world?

We produce our own music specifically for our classes. People who attend music and yoga festivals are looking to expand their horizons … hear new music and try new classes, and they are eager for something different. Drishti Beats offers that. And our music is available on all music platforms — i.e. Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud — for listening enjoyment and/or teacher’s playlists after attending the event.

Along with your tour, we noticed you also developed teacher trainings for Drishti Beats. Can you share more about your trainings and some of the methodologies covered? When and where is your next training?

Our yoga teacher trainings are held in our fitness clubs in Northern Virginia. Our curriculum prepares trainees to become great, inspirational yoga teachers. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates are totally prepared to confidently enter the yoga world and deliver a creative, informative and safe Vinyasa Flow yoga class. Our next teacher training begins this autumn on October 6th and runs every other weekend for 12 weeks. After successfully completing our training course, many of our graduates are given the option to teach a class within our fitness club schedules.

What is next for Drishti Beats and where can our readers find you in Colorado this summer?

Don’t miss us at Telluride Yoga Festival on July 21st and at Yoga On The Mountain in Snowmass on July 28th. Go to our website www.drishtibeats.com to see our schedule at national and international events. The Drishti Beats Crew is so grateful that we can do this fulfilling work together and look forward to providing blissful experiences to all who participate in our classes! Namaste.

Drishti Beats Tour Schedule

Camp EDC/VEGAS: Friday May 17 – Sunday May 19, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sonic Bloom Festival: Thursday June 20 – Sunday June 23, Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado
Yoga on the Mountain Snowmass: Friday July 19 – Sunday July 21, Snowmass Village, Colorado
Steamboat Movement Festival: Thursday August 15 – Sunday August 18, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Arise Music Festival: Friday August 2 – Sunday August 4, Loveland, Colorado
Mysteryland Music Festival: Friday August 23 – Sunday August 25, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

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