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End-of-Summer Rejuvenation Tips to Prepare for Fall | By Cora Gold

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What better time than the change of seasons to look at your life and dust off the cobwebs? The shift in weather patterns reminds people to slough off old, stale habits and refresh and renew their spirits.

What can you do to feel better and prepare for the changes to come? Here are five end-of-summer rejuvenation tips to prepare for fall.

1. Sip a Little Healthier

Did you overindulge while on vacation this summer? Fortunately, your liver is highly regenerative if you give it the nourishment and break it needs to rest. Try elevating your sip with one of this season’s hottest non-alcoholic herbal cocktail recipes. You’ll feel every bit as elegant and indulgent sipping on a pomegranate kombucha mimosa without the resulting headache.

Why stop with your after-work libations? Wake up healthier by adding a dash of ground herbs to your morning coffee grounds. Varieties like ginger help to prevent migraines and chronic pain by dampening inflammation and add a light flavor to your traditional cuppa.

2. Indulge in the Harvest

September is the harvest season, inviting you to improve your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. They’re brimming with phytonutrients like anthocyanins and flavonoids to nourish your body.

Take the eat-a-rainbow challenge. Each mealtime, challenge yourself to include at least three plant-based hues on your plate. Why does this matter? Different colors correspond to various phytonutrient profiles — the more variety you get, the more you nourish your health.

3. Prepare Your Lawn and Garden

Working in the garden is a perfect way to rejuvenate your lawn and yourself before fall. The outdoor activity gets your heart pumping, helps relieve stress and generates tons of feel-good endorphins. The soil preparation protects plants and grassy areas over the winter.

What should you do? Consider tackling the following tasks over the next few weekends:

  • Prune your plants: Deadheading makes plants look better and can result in more blooms next year.
  • Clean your gutter spouts: They can become clogged with debris during summer storms, creating winter leaks.
  • Mow grassy areas: Trimming your grass reduces the risk of snow mold.
  • Winterize your drip system: If you have an irrigation system, clear the lines with an air compressor to prevent winter freezing. Remove hoses from bibs and store them indoors.

4. Find Your Indoor Workout Jam

The coming winter weather means you might not get to take your outdoor run every day. Now’s the time to find a suitable indoor replacement — not necessarily a treadmill.

Why not try one of today’s hottest fitness apps? Many of them have a variety of programming at different lengths. Try HIIT one day and yoga the next. You might also invest in a few pieces of inexpensive equipment — like bands and light hand weights — to sneak in toning at home when it’s too snowy to hit the gym.

5. Update Your Bedroom

Fall means shorter days and more time inside, so consider transforming your bedroom into a cozy haven. Include plenty of soft pillows, blankets and maybe a few strings of LED fairy lights for subtle illumination that sets a relaxing mood.

However, the blue wavelength is one to avoid, as it can keep you awake. It hides in your electronic gadgets, making under-the-covers scrolling a no-no. Try establishing a charging station outside of sleeping areas for your devices.

Get Yourself Ready for the New Season

The changing seasons invite you to refresh old habits. How will you renew yourself before fall?

Try one or more of these end-of-summer rejuvenation tips. You’ll enter October feeling your best and ready for anything.

Photo by Alisa Anton.

Cora Gold has a passion for living a happy, healthy and mindful life. As Editor-in-Chief of Revivalist and an avid writer, she aims to inspire others to do the same. Follow Cora on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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