Fill Your Life with the Best : “Lonely Planet’s Guide to Life: Wisdom from the World’s Cultures” | Review By Sandy Ferguson Fuller

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Lonely Planet’s Guide to Life

Whether you are a world traveler or prefer to stay close to home, this fascinating new book reveals secrets from the world over about how to live life to the fullest. Try nibbling Swiss chocolate or South Korean pickles, sipping Uzbekistan tea or dining on raw Peruvian ceviche; maybe consult with a shaman like a Russian qam or adopt the New Zealand Tiaki Promise to care for the land or engage in mindful Chinese gigong; bask in thermal springs like the Hungarians or steam away stress like the Turkish; dress for success like the Fijians; dance away the day in Sri Lanka or Slovakia or celebrate with song as in Wales; bring in light as do Hindus to expel spiritual and physical darkness; take a Spanish siesta; imbibe in Georgian wine or a wee dram of Scottish whisky; or, simply honor family, friends, good health and the gift of living with more intention.

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Life is a compact coffee table book, 416 pages of text and color photography, which visits 86 countries and shares pearls of wisdom from each about living well. Each nation offers a unique perspective, showcasing the diversity yet the commonality of human experience. Many of their fun rituals or traditions are practices handed down through generations. Some are essentials which are becoming popular in our complex, modern society. Yoga is an obvious example: “India’s best-loved contribution to global culture.” Everything from favorite foods to diet, exercise and relaxation to sacred manmade or natural spaces to rites of passage or religious rituals … here is a treasure chest of ideas and inspiration.

It’s never too late in life to improve daily habits and self-care, to live wisely and completely. We are all different, yet we share the same desire be happy, healthy, serene and fulfilled. It would be impossible to adopt every idea or practice suggested in this book; life is too short. But even if you sample a few dozen of these thoughts or activities, certainly your life will be enriched, improved and much more interesting! This presents a new way of looking at our modern world — in its complexity lies the key to our completeness.

Travel the world back and forth through these pages, return to the places, people and practices that speak most to you and always remember to invite in a wide variety enriching elements to your daily life.

Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2021 issue

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Life

Sandy is a publishing industry professional with over 50 years spent as author, illustrator, international literary agent and freelance editor. Her primary focus is children’s picture books, originally mentored by Maurice Sendak as a student at Yale. Once introduced, the picture book genre captivated her imagination with its unique blend of story and illustration. She hopes that her own books, as well as those she has helped others to publish, will touch many souls, young and old. She is a regular contributor to CO YOGA + Life.

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