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From Nature to Nurture : Inside Dryland Spa at Gravity Haus Vail | By Chloe Wasserstrom

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Our bodies are home to hundreds of muscles, emotions, joints, tendons, fears, desires and dreams. Every part of our being is encompassed within our limbs. It is wildly important to nourish every part of you. The Dryland Spa at Gravity Haus Vail succeeds in doing just this, elevating your health in the Rocky Mountains from the outside in.

Gravity Haus has seven luxury lodging properties around the country, but there is only one Dryland Spa, nestled in the always inspiring Vail Village. Every product, treatment, team member and tool were strategically selected to ensure each guest benefits from their treatment and the provided information. Their approach? To provide wellness and fitness programs for all nature lovers, athletes, those recovering from surgery and all who seek pampering, relaxation and beauty booster treatments.

Dryland Spa

Nadine Hinkle, Director of Dryland Fitness & Spa, says every crevice of the space is designed for “clientele to experience a like-minded community [centered] around fitness, self-care and wellness unlike any other spa in the area.”

Illeana Ssutter is an Ayurvedic health practitioner and the lead therapist for massage esthetics with Dryland Spa. She said the treatments aim to restore balance in one’s life, achieving clarity of mind, digestion improvement, optimal musculoskeletal functionality, an improved sense of well-being, a feeling of being cared for and a nurtured relief from discomfort and pain.

“At Dryland Spa Vail, we are aware that we all come from nature and are governed by the same rules as nature,” Ssutter shares. “We therefore treasure nature, and we are using preponderantly products of organic outsourcing in our treatment rooms and on our retail shelves.”

Serenity is weaved throughout not only every treatment, but also each amenity. From the dry sauna to the cold plunge, the salt lounge to massage treatments, recovery therapies to body treatments, facials and specials, there is always a healing technique for whatever muscle or body part is calling for attention.

Hinkle recommends the Haus Signature massage. “The classic Swedish massage incorporates light to medium pressure and long relaxing strokes along with kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling,” Hinkle explains. “It energizes the body the body and improves overall health helping you refresh for your next adventure.”

Ayurvedic medicine is the backbone behind the brand. This is our planet’s oldest medical system for which we have written evidence. The key to this work, Ssutter articulates, is to be in a balanced constitution, digestive fire, elimination, energy and a pleasant state of mind. Dryland Spa Vail emphasizes this holistic approach, aligning you to be the greatest version of yourself.

Dryland Spa

Ssutter passionately illustrates the importance of shiatsu, a bodywork treatment derived from traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is sacred and addresses deeper levels of existence than solely superficial skin. The goal of the treatment is to maintain a state of balance between the five elements of nature manifested in the human body: fire, earth, wood, metal and the strongest being water. The practitioner will stimulate various acupressure points using their thumbs, palms, occasionally soles of their feet and incorporating stretching and joint mobilization practices.

“Any thought, emotion, experience has a place of manifestation in our physical bodies,” Ssutter evokes. “One may feel pain because of something they ate, or a thought they had, a particular injury, a conversation, something they saw or heard, smelled, touched or tasted. A lot of blockages can be removed during a Shiatsu session so that optimal energetic flow and balance can be restored.”

The extremely talented, knowledgeable and passionate staff never cease to offer a haven where everyone who walks in is a guaranteed a luxurious mind, body and soul connection.


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