How To Get Published – Tips from our Publisher | by Juli Rathke

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Hey everyone! As a magazine publisher I have been asked countless times, “How do you decide what goes into the magazine?” “How do I get my work noticed and/or how do I get my story published?” A lot of thought goes into each and every magazine and though it isn’t a perfect science on how you can get noticed, I promise if you follow the insider tips, you will get a lot closer to making it to the editor’s desk than had you bombarded them with a thousand emails asking them if you can contribute.


1. Check out the website for contributing deadlines & editorial submissions guidelines. Don’t just send emails asking for information that is already found easily on their site or they will just send you the link to it and set you back to zero.

2. Follow the guidelines. Send IDEAS and SAMPLE writing per their requests.

3. Follow up. Don’t be annoying, but follow-up. This is a deadline-driven business and once the deadlines are rolling, your email will surface at just the right time.

4. Make sure your topics are relevant, well-written, and in the same person. (not 1st, 2nd AND 3rd all in one – and if you aren’t sure what this means you should look it up)

5. Shorter and to-the-point articles will be more appealing as an editor is working with layout restrictions. More pages means more money.

6. Offer images with feature-length or longer submissions. This is DEFINITELY A HUGE BONUS for us magazine people.

7. Be sure to have permission to use images submitted and make sure they are high-resolution or 300 dpi or greater.

8. MEET THE DEADLINE! If you don’t, you set the entire layout back and possibly will never get another chance with this publisher.

Once you have established a relationship with the publication, check in with them occasionally and throw out another topic, if you do a good job the first time, there will surely be a 2nd and possibly more! Don’t be needy and don’t make them come to you for anything. Edit your work thoroughly before submitting it as it saves everyone time and time is … that’s right! MONEY HONEY!

If you are interested in submitting, please fill out the form at this link: Contribute to Y+L. Follow the steps above and Good Luck!

Juli Rathke
Publisher, Y + L


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