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How to Nourish Your Night for a More Restful Sleep | By Bailey Smith

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We’re all busy, right? Sometimes the day is full of running around with a full schedule, responding to emails, following up on social media, multiple cups of coffee and then heading to bed, because you get to do it all over again tomorrow. The only trouble is … you can’t get to sleep. You’re wired from all the action in the day and also know you need to get some rest. It gets later into the night and now you’re counting down the hours of sleep you’ll get before you need to wake up. Your mind is running and you eventually crash.

You likely didn’t get all the sleep your body needed to rest and restore from yesterday’s adventures, but there’s no time to delay. You consume all the caffeine you need to get functioning and the cycle repeats itself in some way, shape or form.

What if your evenings felt a little more nourishing, calming and peaceful? What if you closed out your day with a little more intention so that your hours of sleep were restful and allowed your body to heal itself from the day? In the same way that you have the ability to define how you begin your day, you also have a choice in how you end your day.

In the same way that you have the ability to define how you begin your day, you also have a choice in how you end your day.

We all don’t have hours on end to get ready for bed, so try adding just one or two of these simple tips into your nighttime routine this week and notice how you feel. What if you experience greater energy, better digestion, more patience and deeper concentration? Would that be so bad? And if you do, chances are your sleep just got a little more restful and nourishing.

Trigger Your Bedtime

Habits are known to be formed in a loop pattern: trigger, behavior, reward. Trigger your bedtime by setting an alarm, powering down electronics or even going to your bedroom. This will signal your body that it’s time for bed, at which point you can sleep and be rewarded with the things listed above.

Take Time to Relax and Reflect

Close out your day with reflection. You can take as long or as little as you like to meditate on what you’re grateful for from the day and then put it down on paper.

Infuse with Aromatherapy

Essential oils such as Lavender, Vetiver and Cedarwood are not only grounding and calming, but also help to support restful sleep. Take an essential oil infused Epsom salt bath, fill your diffusers, spray your linens or rub the oils over your heart with some coconut oil.

Increase Self Care

Move your body with some bedtime yoga, take a few minutes to apply your favorite face mask, hop in the shower or dry brush your body. Add something small to your bedtime routine that makes you feel good and supported with what you need.

Decrease the Stimulants

When the sun goes down, electronics go down. And if that’s impossible with your lifestyle, use blue blocking glasses or “night shift” settings on your devices. Keep caffeine for the AM hours to help keep time between bedtime and your last cup of joe. Notice what stimulants you expose yourself to right before bed and see if you can make any shifts.

Bailey Smith is a mama to two young boys, a yoga teacher (e-RYT) and a Health & Wellness Advocate. She discovered yoga in 2009 and was immediately drawn into the practice while in her early 20s and looking for something new and fulfilling. It lights her up when people see their potential, feel empowered and know the beauty that lies within them. When she’s not teaching, Bailey can be found with her family, a toddler on her hip and barefoot. Follow her on Instagram at @bailey_y_smith or visit her website to learn more about her offerings.

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