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Celebrate International Yoga Day with Im’Unique

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In celebration of International Yoga Day this Thursday, June 21, Lululemon Denver is partnering with Here To Be charitable partner Im’Unique to host a ‘Yoga is Yours’ all-levels yoga class from 6 to 8 p.m. at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center.

The donation-based yoga class will be led by Im’Unique’s founder and executive director Tyrone Beverly, and all funds raised will benefit Im’Unique’s mission to create a culture of health, individual growth and social change.

Across the world, Lululemon will be hosting events to raise awareness for its Here To Be charity partners. Launched in 2016, Here To Be is a community-based social impact program that supports the uniting and amplification of yoga service community to create equal access to yoga.

CO YOGA + Life® had a chance to talk with Tyrone and ask him a few things about this special day:

CO Y+L: What does International Yoga Day mean to you and why is it relevant to Im’Unique?

TB: To me, International Yoga Day is a way to connect practitioners and non-practitioners across the world. Before its inception (International Yoga Day) in 2015, the yogi still had the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful sun salutations on the summer solstice or see how nature continues to shatter man made barriers, and by naming it, it can be identified, communicated and fully realized. By partnering with Lululemon’s Here To Be/THIS IS YOGA program during International Yoga Day we are creating access to the practice of yoga and much needed human connection. All too often we are divided by lineage, class/caste and tradition, but this day reminds us that no matter if you are in the Rocky Mountains and seeing the sun appear to rise or in Japan and seeing it appear to set, we are bound by the powerful threads of nature and that thread can be strengthened when we take a more harmonious approach to living.

Currently families are being torn apart, young children taking away from their mothers as they attempt to cross the borders of Mexico. Our carbon footprint is increasing and according to scientists our air quality is declining.  At Im’Unique we tend to use a lens that connects environmental and social issue with our practice and that’s why this day is relevant to our organization. It is an opportunity to connect the dots and work towards improving our overall health and wellness and humanity as a whole. At times a person may feel they don’t have the power to make significant change, but with enough ambition, they must remember that they have the power to shine their light on an issue so brightly that they can influence the person that does.

CO Y+L: You have created an amazing organization Im’Unique. Can you share your main goal and mission?  

TB: Our main goal is to live more harmoniously. The mission of Im’Unique is to create a culture of health, individual growth and social change. It’s one thing to tell a person to breathe deep, it’s another thing to work towards creating a cleaner environment for them to breathe deep in. They both are equally important but require different methods to achieve the desire outcome, and most importantly the individual must be willing to take that breath along the way. A culture of health inspires individual growth and produces social change.

CO Y+L: Please share one thing our readers could take away from participating in this event?  

This first thing that comes to mind for me is that Lululemon has designed a beautiful blueprint on how to collaborate, create access to yoga and give back to community.  The asana practice will be held at RedLine and last year Im’Unique surveyed the surrounding community during its Karma Tuesday give back program in this area. Im’Unique was informed that there has been a big need to access fresh drinking water amongst the street residents. With the help of Lululemon, immediately following the class, each participant will be giving two refillable water bottles to distribute to those in need reaching 200 people. A great way to end the night by impacting someone else’s life.

Learn more about Im’Unique at www.imunique.org


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