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As yogis, our work starts with spreading our internal light out into the world. Lightworker UV — the creators behind the industry’s first UV-C mat sanitizing machine — understands this best. As a brand rooted in bringing safety, peace of mind and light back into the yoga and fitness community, its company mantra “We Spread Light” has never been truer.

Created by yoga enthusiasts for yoga enthusiasts, the Lightworker is an industry leader in chemical- free mat sanitizing. The user-friendly machine is designed to deactivate and destroy 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses and fungi that have accumulated on mats used at gyms, yoga studios and in the home. Unlike traditional mat sprays and sanitizers that need drying time, the Lightworker leaves mats fresh and odor-free using pure light within seconds.

“We are committed to helping the industry we know and love rebound and adjust to the required changes necessary to practicing in a safe and healthy environment,” says Paul Custer, director of product development. “We are determined to do good within our community, focus on giving back and continue to spread light.”

The Lightworker machine guides each mat through a high-intensity UV-C light chamber, exposing both sides to concentrated germicidal light that deactivates microorganisms by destroying their DNA. Lightworker controls both the intensity and exposure time to the light, as well as the distance from the mat, ensuring that every square inch of each mat is treated with UV-C and harmful organisms are deactivated instantly. This machine processes most mats up to 26 inches in width and ¾-inch thick. Whether gym-lovers want to sanitize a thin yoga mat or a thicker exercise pad, the Lightworker has them covered. It’s ideal for customers at yoga studios and gyms to clean their own mats before and after use; it acts as a clear demonstration of a space’s commitment to health and safety.

“Not only is it environmentally friendly and a ‘green’ way of cleaning mats, but it’s cost-effective and an efficient alternative to traditional fitness mat cleaning processes,” Custer adds. In addition to leaving no harmful residues, Lightworker has a long life and is energy efficient, requiring less than $1 of electricity for a full 10-hour day. The machine is almost 100% recyclable and does not contribute to recurrent waste streams or recurrent fossil fueled shipping of consumable products. Studio employees have a non-toxic option to clean rental mats that doesn’t require scrubbing mats, and members have confidence that all mats are sanitized with light, every time.

Before its redesign in 2021, the company’s original UV mat sanitizer, the Matsana, was created in 2009 by John Burnaby. Ahead of his time, and a full decade before the COVID pandemic shook the world, Burnaby became an expert on how bacteria and viruses collect on exercise mats, and the effectiveness of UV-C light in eliminating them.

“Regardless of the evolution in name, brand or design, our UV mat sanitizer will forever be infused with John’s light and inventive spirit,” says Lauren Meers, customer sales and service lead. The creation of the Lightworker UV product was a combined effort between Peter Sterios (founder of Manduka Yoga Mats), Blake Beltram (co-founder of MindBody Software) and Derek Spurlock (Lightworker CEO). “Their inspiration, vision and direction have fueled our successful improvements and modifications to enable an amazing upgrade from the original Matsana,” Meers shares.

And the light doesn’t stop there. Lightworker UV is passionate about helping the fitness and wellness industry thrive. For some studios, the Lightworker UV machine is an effective tool to generate revenue for the business. Members can pay for use, or the studio can implement cleaning rates into memberships so everyone is incentivized to clean their mats as often as they need to! Lightworker UV is gearing up to give back to the yoga industry in meaningful ways, including plans to implement a corporate social responsibility model that sets aside a percentage of profits. Give back structure will be focused on scholarships for students to practice at their local studio, earn yoga certifications, and attend trainings and worldwide yoga retreats.

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