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Kim Fuller

YOGA + Life owners Bobby L’Heureux + Kim Fuller

There may be no experience better at evoking hope than watching the morning sun rise to greet the horizon line.

Just close your eyes now …

See it.

Feel it.

This hope lives within you.

Even just days before we went to press for this issue in early November, my spirits began to lift the instant Sam Ferguson’s photo hit my inbox for the cover of this magazine. Seeing his amazing wife, Arielle Shipe, strong and steady in her lunge, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the magnificence of that moment.

To rise is to face the world courageously, every day; to stand up to the challenges that are in front of us and to live into a bright and fulfilling future.

I know it’s been hard.

And I also know nothing worth fighting for is an easy win.

I’ll keep this brief, because there’s work to do. This world, our world, needs us to show up and greet this day. If a sunrise can remind us of hope for a new beginning, may the pages of this issue be a beacon to help inspire a better tomorrow.

We can leave 2020 behind us, but of course challenges will never set on the human experience. There are always more mountains to climb, and I know you’ll stand beside me as we rise.

In Gratitude,






Kim Fuller, Owner + Editor-In-Chief

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