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Malas hand-made with love for 12 lucky Y + L Readers:

Created by Fly Girl Malas

New Years Mala 2020-21

Embracing Wholeness- 
With grace, compassion and self love, I acknowledge and accept all corners of my being. Grounded, connected and inspired, I experience a new freedom and inner peace.  Bravely I step into the flow of life with balance, harmony and light. This new embrace provides vitality, stability and fertile ground for shifts in consciousness.


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High Quality Stones sourced from Northern India + Nepal:
Limited to 12 orders

Apatite, Black + White Agate, Botswana Agate (Guru Bead), Labradorite, Moonstone, Pearl, Rhodonite + Tourmaline.

More on the Mala

From the root up, this mala supports grounding into the earth to clear away resistance to self acceptance.  Stimulating inner compassion, clarity and  self awareness, the energies of these beads help to clear the channels for open communication and connection. The  combination of the variety of these vibrant and powerful beads and the intentional Mantras invoked while creating this mala can help to stimulate  creativity and magnify our innate potential. Through this blossoming, we open to a deeper connection with source.  This higher vibration supports a transformation both within and beyond with an expansive vision, and harmonizing effect for the Masculine and Feminine Energies that make up the universe.

Properties of the Beads:

  • Clarity, Communication & Connection
  • Cycles of Life: Fractals- Flow (The Dance of Life) Constant Movement
  • Enhances Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Self Love & Self Confidence
  • Enhancing Higher Vibrations, Intuition & Mystical Powers
  • Focus: Supports Healthy Brain Function & Memory Recall
  • Grounding, Protection, Calms & Heals Emotions
  • Harmonizes internal & external relationships
  • Healing, Nourishing, Purification:Balances Energies (M + F – Yin + Yang), The Healer, Supports overall well being from the physical to the emotional and subtle bodies.
  • Inner Compassion & Strength
  • Inspires Empathy, Respect & Love for life and all creations
  • Magnifies one’s innate Potential
  • Moon Energy- Lunar Energies of Water
  • New Beginnings- Transformation
  • Opens Mind-Higher Consciousness, Fostering a Bigger Perspective- Deep, Vast & Present Connection, Cosmic Awareness, Understanding that the forces within are the same forces that hold the universe in place, Supports a higher vibration.
  • Remover of Conflicts
  • Stimulates Ideas, Intellect + Creativity
  • Supports Chakras: Root, 2nd, Heart, Throat & 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras


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Mala Bag: 

This month we have 4 choices of Bags (@5 each color)- please indicate your 1st and 2nd bag choice in the shopping notes. Hemp (Black, Brown or Pink) or Sheer

Note: Although the Mala you have just purchased will be based on the monthly intention and same design, there are no two identical beads- like people. Each bead is a product of the earth and many vary slightly.

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For more details on this mala and general info on malas:


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