Juli Rathke
Founder | YOGA + Life®
Juli is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur and the Founder of YOGA + Life®. She has enjoyed a career in television, health & wellness, media and is a multi-business founder/owner and now is a fearless optimist in Life + Business. Juli just finished her first book titled, "Do THIS", and is a road map to living a more fulfilling life and guide on how to make some of life's tough decisions.<
Kim Fuller
Editor-in-Chief | YOGA + Life®
Kim Fuller is co-owner of Jaunt Media Collective, the media company behind YOGA + Life® Magazines and Spoke+Blossom Magazine. Based in Vail, Colorado, she is also a freelance writer, editor and photojournalist, as well as a yoga teacher, legacy ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and co-founder of In Your Element, a yoga and outdoor adventure company. When Kim is not diligently writing and editing in her mountain nook, teaching yoga around town or finding a new adventure, find Kim at a local cafe or craft brewery, where she enjoys the more indulgent side of inspiration.
Bobby L'Heureux
Director of Partnerships | YOGA + Life®
Bobby L’Heureux is director of partnerships and co-owner of Jaunt Media Collective, the media company behind YOGA + Life® Magazines and Spoke+Blossom Magazine. At the heart of his work, Bobby thrives on community and connection. He lives in the Vail Valley where he teaches yoga and runs Big Heart Big Hands, a non-profit that supports mountain safety and awareness. He is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and his yoga classes are always led with a big smile and a relaxed demeanor.
Chelsea Connolly
Creative Director
With a cultivated eye for design, Chelsea’s work has been influencing luxury publications and brands for over a decade. She is a Colorado native that has been shaped personally and professionally by living all over the world. She brings a vast amount of print and online experience to the media channels of YOGA+life™. As a sought after Art Director you’ll currently find Chelsea spearheading the look and feel of some of the state’s most sophisticated lifestyle magazines, world-class beauty brands, award-winning restaurants and bespoke boutiques. She is known for creating clean, fashionable yet approachable design and believes in a less-is-more aesthetic. In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys the Colorado outdoors, yoga and wellness, live music, entertaining, traveling and spending time with her husband and two young sons.
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Lexi Reich
YOGA + Life® Editorial Manager
After experiencing a yoga ashram nestled in the mountains of Colorado, Lexi became enthralled in the practice of yoga and meditation, and earned her yoga teacher training at the sacred space. Originally from Chicago, Lexi loves the holistic lifestyle she found in Colorado, and combining this passion with her writing is what makes her truly happy. As a recent graduate from University of Colorado Boulder, Lexi spends most of her time as the editorial manager for Jaunt Media Collective, the media company behind YOGA + Life® Magazines and Spoke+Blossom Magazine, freelance writing and leading weekly yoga classes. Besides this, you can find her hiking or traveling.
Lauren Farrauto
An avid reader and writer for as long as she can remember, Lauren has always loved the power of the written word and a good story. As the current editorial intern for CO YOGA + Life® Magazine, her dreams of creating her own story is finally becoming a reality. She plans to graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a major in English. When she's not curled up with a good book, Lauren can be found adventuring in the Colorado wilderness or looking for new places to travel.
Karstee Davis
Karstee Davis is a Colorado-based writer and yogi living in the Boulder area. She has written for Folk Rebellion and for the Endometriosis Foundation of America.
Julia Clarke
Julia Clarke is a writer, Ayurvedic Practitioner and yoga teacher from Scotland, currently living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She is the author of the book Restorative Yoga for Beginners and the co-founder of Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, Colorado. When she's not writing or teaching, she's definitely hiking and traveling.