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MN YOGA + Life 4th Annual Winter Retreat at the A-Mill Artist Lofts, Minneapolis

January 27 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Relax. Restore. Connect. Move. Breathe…

Enjoy meditation, wellness workshops, yoga, the healing arts, live music, a sound bath, a nourishing lunch, shopping and more.

Your Winter Wellness Retreat Includes: A self-customized day of yoga and wellness classes lead by exceptional healers, yoga teachers, and wellness experts, a healthy and delicious lunch catered lunch by Wise Wellness, and opportunities to connect with your tribe in an accepting, inviting, and warm community.

There are 2 rooms with simultaneous classes happening all day. The variety of classes will give you an opportunity to create a unique wellness experience. There will be downtime to shop, check out some art, or to visit the “Healing Hall,” and treat yourself to body/energy work. Please note that there is limited space in each yoga room and you must register for each workshop to ensure your spot in the class of your choice. We are excited to be working with some of our favorite local teachers and healers for this event!

When you register you will be asked to select your classes for the day. (Classes are first come, first serve – popular sessions may sell out.) If you don’t choose your classes by January 23rd 2019, then a schedule will be created for you.


Bhakti Flow – By Jennifer Grubba, Founder of MN YOGA + Life
Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning love or devotion. We will engage in devotion in motion (asana), to celebrate our interconnectedness, to open and awaken our hearts, and deepen our connection to spirit. This class will incorporate elements of vinyasa flow with an emphasis on heart openers and chanting. Lifting our voices together, we will explore the power of our words and sacred universal sounds.

SomaYoga Strong – By Ann & Dan Blackburn
SomaYoga Strong! Create space and freedom to build a foundation for deep strength for both your physical and spiritual core. Experience the practice of calming your nervous system, releasing tension, and finding your deep core for strength, balance, and buoyancy. These practices benefit you on all levels: your body, energy, emotions, mind, and connection with your authentic Self. No yoga experience necessary.

Plant Medicine, Desire, and Flow – By Emily Kaspari

Experience how plants can shift you into a flow state to connect with and achieve our deepest desires. What would it be like if this year’s aspirations filled you with excitement and ease? What if your goals flowed into being from a life already filled with joy, with no striving or grinding necessary? In this workshop, you will learn how plants can help you shift into a state of flow where you are tuned in to your inner knowing and life unfolds with ease. Participants will meditate using full spectrum hemp oil,* while being guided you through a unique approach to goal setting that won’t burn you out by the end of February. Start 2019 aligned with inner attunement rather than outer attainment. * the oils used contain almost no THC and have no psychoactive effects.

Kindness As Your Compass (Gentle Yoga – All Levels) – By Stacy Johnson
Join MN YOGA + Life Ambassador Stacy Johnson for this gentle yoga inspired flow class. This class is a perfect compliment to any of the day’s events. With a focus on breath awareness and mindful movement, you will foster a sense of kindness and compassion with your body as your compass. Pablo Charis will bring his musical talents to accompany Stacy with acoustic guitar for this special class.

Earth Goddess Yoga – By Koreen Valdovinos & Veronica Walters
This unique class is rooted in the core belief: “What is good for ourselves, is good for Mother Earth.” This class will be incorporating ribbons and water like movements in a signature Earth Goddess Yoga and Folkloric flow – a unique blend of dance, yoga and culture. Find your expression in our Earth Tribe yoga class with deep tribal beats! Experience an energetic awakening through dance medicine, kundalini and spirals. Class will end with meditation drums, adjustments and oils. Special guest teacher, and MN YOGA + Life Ambassador, Jes Rosenberg, will be assisting.

Yin and Meditative Flow with the Healing Sound of Crystal Bowls – By Jan Johnson and Kris Goth
Back by popular demand. Jan Johnson and Kris Goth will once again close out our retreat with a lovely practice of yin/meditative flow under the healing sound of crystal bowls. This year Jan will interweave the messages of the 5 Yamas into the sacred flow, as Kris delivers the vibration of healing and acceptance of these lessons through her sound work. Welcome, 2019! Nonviolence. Truth. Nonstealing. Nonexcess. Nonpossessiveness.

The Sacred Partnership of Ego and Spirit – By Gracia Gimse McKinley
In this workshop, Gracia will teach you an awareness practice to keep your ego in its proper place as an ally in embodiment, allowing you to connect to the sacred oneness of all things AND maintain healthy boundaries. These skills will help you to live a life in which Ego and Spirit are in sacred partnership. Please note: this class is lecture and discussion. Please bring what you need to sit comfortably on the floor.

Tantric/Relational Yoga – By Jennifer Gray of The Yoga Center Retreat
This fun and inspirational workshop will focus on studying and living in awareness of our “soul traits,” and the work to overcome the aspects of being human that block us from living our happiest and most productive lives. Through discussion, contemplative practices, studying and partner work, each participant will dive into introspection to create intention around living fully, overcoming obstacles, and how to best bring our gifts to our communities and follow our true soul curriculum. These tantric practices promote healthy change, clarity, and happiness with tangible tools to be woven into the fabric of everyday life.

High Vibe Yogic Nutrition – By Carrie Drinkwine
What is a high vibe food? How do vibration and the pH of food relate to overall health? How do these concepts link human health with the health of our planet? Carrie Drinkwine, a nutritionist, regenerative detox specialist, Arvigo abdominal therapist, energy worker and lover of life will be giving a lecture on high vibrational foods, proper food combining, digestion, absorption, intermittent fasting, pH, and overall well being. Come learn about the food we will eat for lunch, as Carrie will be providing the high vibe nourishment to keep your tummies happy and your body energized throughout the day.

Mala, Mantra & Manifestation – By Misha Johnson

Engage in the powerful process of setting strong intentions, creating meaningful mantra, and the use of prayer beads and Mala in yoga, meditation and manifestation. Learn the history and science behind this ancient tradition. Misha will also lead you through a guided meditation that is designed to release old energies, transform patterns, support your highest good and help manifest that which you are seeking.

Custom Mobile Sauna Session

Ah….Relax, get cozy, and enjoy some heat. Sauna helps alleviate pain, helps to boost the immune system and promotes mental well-being. If you are unable to register for a sauna session during a designated workshop period, you can also sign up for shorter sessions directly with Custom Mobile Sauna the day of our event during breaks just as you would with any of our other vendors and healers. Please bring a towel and fresh change of clothing. An extra fee applies and will be handled by Custom Mobile Sauna directly.

Mobile Salt Cave Session

Salt Therapy/Halotherapy is a natural, drug-free supplement or alternative to common medical treatments. Salt therapy can decrease symptoms related to asthma, allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, stress, anxiety, headaches, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and sleep disorders. The Salt Cave Mobile provides the luxury of relaxation and the health benefits of salt therapy on location at our Winter Wellness Retreat! If you are unable to register for a salt cave session during a designated workshop period, you can also sign up for shorter sessions directly with the Mobile Salt Cave day of our event during breaks just as you would with any of our other vendors and healers.


Lunch will be catered by Wise Wellness. There will be vegan and gluten-free options. Make sure to bring your water bottle for the day so as to stay hydrated for all the workshops and classes.



When you arrive at the event, we will provide you with your individual class schedule for the day. No need to print out your own schedule for the day.

The A-Mill Artists lofts are located at 315 SE Main St. Minneapolis MN 55414.

The Pillsbury A-Mill is a masterpiece of industrial design that served as the largest flour mill in the world for 40 years. It is one of only three Minneapolis structures designated as a National Historic Landmark. The historic “Pillsbury’s Best Flour” sign can be seen from afar in Minneapolis. It marks the building where our event is being held. You can enter the building from the front on Main Street, or from behind the building under the large rust awnings.

Street Parking
On the west side of the building, there is metered parking along Main Street, along the Mississippi river. Behind the building along 2nd street, there is limited free street parking (please pay attention to signs. There is a parking ramp and a large parking lot (interstate parking) on 2nd street and 2nd avenue. From the parking lot or ramp, you can walk to the back entrance. Look for the Pillsbury’s Best Flour sign.

Eventbrite - MN YOGA + Life 4th Annual Winter Wellness Retreat


January 27
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


MN Yoga + Life Magazine


A-Mill Artist Lofts
315 Southeast Main Street
Minneapolis, MN 55414 United States
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