What We Aim To Do

We are a national brand and online community with regional appeal that showcase the persons, places and ideas that makes living the local yoga lifestyle so special and unique. Our mission is to give an authentic voice to the every day person trying to make a positive influence on themselves, others and our planet.

Why We Are Doing It

We are a breath of fresh air from your big label publications giving everyone the chance to be seen, heard and read about in their own community. All this also comes with a national connection to other smaller regional communities.

Your Audience

Our readers ARE your customers. Part of a $290 billion dollar marketplace in the U.S. alone, conscious consumers are virtually untapped in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) marketplace and these people DO YOGA. February 2015 statistics published in Yoga Journal show that the overall yoga market is a $3 billion business comprising 16.5 million active participants, or 7.5 percent of U.S. adults. As yoga infiltrates American culture, we are anticipating the needs of the growing population of practitioners and in finding new ways surrounding making the lifestyle of yoga more accessible to the local, regional, and national communities.


People who strive to live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle for themselves and their families.



Y + L is a privately owned company founded by Juli Rathke, a yogini entrepreneur and media expert.


All of our covers are unique. We often run “cover contests” in hopes of showcasing new and authentic locations, people and products in each publication. We do shoot our own covers and will partner with local vendors in producing the shot.


Our mission is to give a voice to those who may otherwise have found themselves without. Anyone can contribute to Y+L. Send us your pitch, your story and we WILL read it and see if it is a fit.


Our goal is to connect, create community, and collaborate in an industry thats foundation is passionate and pure. With a variety events popping up. Reach out to us if you wish to collaborate your event with Y + L.


YOGA + Life™ Magazines is a lifestyle media platform in the LOHAS marketplace, a market segment focused on health and tness, wellness, the environment, personal development, sustainable lifestyle, social justice, philanthropy, arts, culture and all that accompanies such choices. Through events, publications, and websites with similar media outlets we are able to share this regional voice on a greater scale than exists today.

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