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Natural Healing Meets Cutting-Edge Wellness at Body Therapeutics : Q+A with Co-Owner Megan Kingsbury

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Founded in 2012, Body Therapeutics emerged from Megan Kingsbury’s deep-rooted connection to holistic health and her family’s tradition of embracing nature’s remedies. With a mission to democratize wellness, Kingsbury and her husband Brett have cultivated a space where holistic healthcare is not a luxury but a vital component of daily life. Through a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, Body Therapeutics offers an array of therapies, from customized massages to state-of-the-art treatments like infrared saunas and salt grottos.

As they continue to expand their offerings and embrace new technologies, the Kingsburys envision a future where Body
Therapeutics remains at the forefront of wellness, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing.


In the beginning, it was myself, my husband and our organic, skin-safe homemade salves, tinctures and baths. Our shared interest in full body health along with our combined experience of art and design, marketing and massage therapy made us a perfect fit and allowed us to grow Body Therapeutics to what it is today, 10 years later — a beautiful team of 30!

Throughout our growth, we’ve kept our intention of affordability, accessibility and longevity in mind when choosing our
next therapy, tool or product. Understanding that the world of holistic health is vast and can be a bit intimidating when stepping into it for the first time, we wanted to keep it simple and approachable. Distinguished as a Center of
Excellence for Western Colorado through Floataway, our staff are highly trained and educated on each therapy which I
think strengthens the trust our community has in us, knowing that they’re in very capable, caring and empathetic hands.
We also expanded our hours in order to reach those who are working and are now open 14 hours a day, six days a week and eight hours on Sundays.


body theraputics

Photos by Cat Mayer

When I think about awaken in the context of Body Therapeutics, I’m drawn to the concept of the mind and body working in tandem to create a spiritual homeostasis. In life, we are always seeking to improve ourselves and I think it’s important to remember that the mind needs a dedicated time to relax and center, now more than ever. Awakened is how one feels after a successful float session, when everything is in sync and the mind enters the theta brainwave (meditative brain) without needing any practice or direction; it’s the clarity of mind following a grotto session, the presence of body after a fantastic massage. It reminds me of greeting our guests and watching the change from the time they enter Body Therapeutics to the time they leave. We’ve designed our spa to eliminate the outside world once the door closes behind you, with the reminder that all the chaos can go away and we can exist in peace. Watching those transformations is beautiful indeed! Having a practice where you’re able to remove the noise and focus on yourself — your breathing and your body — is essential and allows for the space needed within the rest of your day, week, etc. to do the things you love and find joy in the things you don’t. It’s been an incredible opportunity to be that place for Western Colorado.


body theraputics

One of the best things about owning a spa is that the health and wellness industry is constantly developing. New research is always finding ways to help effect change without the aid of pharmaceutical intervention. The continued float research alone is stunning! Staying informed on that research has been the most beneficial for our business — enhancing current services and introducing new technologies to the community. This takes time. From our own research and plan development, web design, construction and, finally, training and implementation. Having a team like ours, one we can rely on and trust, has been paramount to our being able to grow. With them at the helm, my husband and I have been fortunate enough to create the time and the space to envision what a new machine or room would look like and would most benefit our community.

Our newest introduction was the opening of our salt grotto, which is an active halotherapy cabin focusing on repairing and restoring the respiratory and integumentary (skin) systems. Because of the strong negative ions and cleansing effect of the salt, 45 minutes in the grotto is equivalent to spending three days at the beach. Most guests fall asleep during their session and awaken feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of their day, or head into their float or massage session.


2500 Broadway, Unit E
Grand Junction, CO


Originally published in Summer + Fall 2024 issue of Well.


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