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GOAT is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

GOAT Training seeks to provide their clients with a gym environment that gives the benefits of a personal trainer in a group setting. They believe that there is no singular perfect program to provide, but, rather, they hope to implement the support, encouragement and community growth of a group setting, while keeping the applied method appropriate to each individual. This coupling of group mentality with tailored training encourages each athlete to be inspired by one another. 

The people at GOAT want clients to feel supported, while still learning to take ownership of their own health. Some people are there to achieve a performance goal, and others visit with simpler goals of longevity in the sports or activities they love. Regardless of the reason, GOAT trains all types — from professional athletes to recreational athletes and even former Olympians. The weight might be different, and the watts might be different, but the effort is the same.

Their hope is to have people become learners of strength and conditioning by “trusting the process,” one of the company’s main mantras. GOAT wants people to understand the purpose of strength and know its benefits.

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GOAT Training

210 Edwards Village Blvd., #A-209

Edwards, CO 81632



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