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Hovey & Harrison is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

Creating a communal space where local, whole, seasonal ingredients are used to craft good food that harmonizes with the planet and community — that’s Hovey & Harrison’s goal.

“We focus on the whole. Everything is cyclical and we know that our food has to be thoughtfully sourced and crafted, our employees need to be treated well and paid fairly and our customers need to have a great experience. One of these things cannot happen without the other. We are here for the long run; we want our planet, our community, our food and our space to be here for the long run too,” explains Gretchen Hovey, half of the H&H team.

They hope to create some of the most memorable and delicious food ever, fairly and honestly. You should feel confident you’re getting the best possible ingredients to benefit yourself and the planet.

Their motto? Eat. Real. Food.

Learn more about the bakery/market:


Hovey & Harrison

56 Edwards Village Blvd, Unit 120

Edwards, CO 81632, US




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