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Partner Profile : Jeanie Manchester Yoga

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Jeanie Manchester teaches practices to women who desire spiritual healing to access their full life potential. Her teachings focus on awakening the feminine power within, and her practices include yoga asana, initiatory mantra meditation, mythology, spiritual mentoring, privates, teacher training and worldwide retreats.

“Through daily asana and embodied mythology we awaken to the vibrant energies within, begin to self-reflect and come to experience the places we feel inhibited and fearful as well as inhibited and unworthy. The somatic opening of our bodies is a gateway into the more subtle energies we experience through a deep dive into mantra,” she explains. “As an Acharya of Neelakantha Meditation practice, I offer formal instruction into this elegant Shakta/Shivite path of awakening. Awakening to who you really are and accessing your gifts, capacities and talents while releasing negative memories and patterns that hold us back.”

Growing up, Manchester loved finding creative ways to move her body, including swimming, hiking and dancing. She fell in love with yoga in her 20s and has been devoted to the practice since. She has always been drawn to Anusara yoga, tantric philosophy and the embrace of the feminine, to goddess lore and awakening the kundalini shakti.  “When we awaken the potent energy from within, we transform from the “inside out” by literally raising our vibration,” she shares. “As we raise our vibration our feelings of inadequacy, doubt, fear and inhibition begin to fall away, leaving us free to create all that we desire in life.”

Manchester draws on over 30 years of practice and dedication and robust training. One students states, “[Jeanie Manchester] doesn’t teach only asana but brings all eight limbs of yoga into her teaching practice. She is deeply versed in the ancient sacred scriptures and has dedicated her life to purusha, pure being. We are blessed to have Jeanie with us in this lifetime.”

Manchester imparts, “Awakened consciousness within offers us the ability to trust in our lives and our natural potentials reveal themselves.”

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