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Osmia Organics is a retail location for natural skincare products, as well as individualized skincare suggestions based on skin type, skin conditions, scent preferences or allergies. Osmia’s passion is helping people find their healthiest skin at every age, using effective, natural ingredients.

They want their customers to feel comfortable and happy in their skin and will work with them one-on-one to achieve healthy skin, even if it takes a few tweaks to their routine and product selection. The team also strives to educate customers about other lifestyle changes they can make to support their skin, so they have the greatest chance of long-term success.

The ultimate goal is happier, healthier skin!

Osmia Organics is not here with overnight miracles, but the company can help you with long-term solutions for your skin, even if your skin can be difficult!

They have thousands of reviews on their website and regularly receive lovely emails from customers with lovely stories of how their skin has responded to using Osmia for weeks, months and sometimes years.

They serve everyone with skin, but especially those with skin challenges like eczema, dermatitis, acne or sensitivity, as well as the planet. The Osmia team hopes to help more people use healthier ingredients with less of an impact on the earth. The company plants a tree for every order placed and have planted over 90,000 trees in Colorado, so far.

Learn more about Osmia Organics:


2607 Dolores Way

Carbondale, CO 81623


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