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Tina Porter Yoga is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

Tina Porter firmly believes that yoga is not about how it looks, but rather about how it feels. Her studio is donation-based —  pay what you can and if you can’t, pay it forward or bring a plant for the altar.

Her practice is breath-based and therefore her teachings encourage the same approach. “Breath represents our state of mind and ultimately how we feel. We come to the mat seeking a sense of groundness and peace,” she explains. With her guidance, students will learn to breathe deeper into intensity and exhale longer. In doing so, you persevere. It’s all about breath and training the mind. She believes it’s her job to challenge her students physically and mentally.

Her life’s work is about leveling-up one’s coping skills and calming tools, so they have the innate ability to respond from a more grounded and clear place. Every body is welcome in her studio. “No matter how young, old, fat, skinny, no matter your skin color, race, religion, gender, financial status, sexual orientation, political party, ability or disability,” she emphasizes.

She believes through practice, one can become more mindful and awake to experiences in the world, in turn changing oneself for the better.

Learn more about her studio:


1195 Newport St.

Denver, CO 80220


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