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Village Bagel is a valued Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

They are shmearing happiness one hand rolled bagel at a time at Village Bagel in Edwards, Colorado. They create their bagels from only six ingredients and follow a three-day process in order to provide preservative-free homemade bagels and goods.

Day one consists of fermenting the dough slowly so that it can achieve maximum flavor. The second day, each bagel gets to be hand rolled and prepped. The third day, the bagels are boiled then baked to maintain both a chewy-like center with a pizza-like crust.

Not only can you expect to enjoy delicious bagels, you can also expect to indulge in fresh squeezed brunch cocktails, local beer, Sicilian style pizza and breakfast all day options, like a fresh cracked egg sandwich and challah bread french toast. 

The East Coast diner-inspired shop welcomes people with open arms and honest food. People continue to make Village Bagel a consistent stop throughout the week for a reason. Village Bagel hopes to turn customers into friends through great food and hospitality, and to be the kind of business and people who put their community first.

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Village Bagel

34500 Highway 6 #B7 Edwards, CO



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