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Wild Hearts Yoga  Distribution Partner with CO YOGA + Life® Magazine.

Alexis Comardo created Wild Hearts Yoga so that she could meld the mental and physical benefits of an outdoor yoga practice together. Not only for the wellbeing of students but also with the intention of creating a meaningful contribution to conserving beautiful Colorado. 

Wild Hearts Yoga is unique in the sense that the classes are hosted outdoors to cultivate a deeper connection with the environment and even bring about a new level of awareness. The 60 minute vinyasa class can often times be paired with community service. For example, this month there is an “October Class and Clean Up” where they will help clean up trash around the area.

Beyond that, the class challenges yogis to take their new-found awareness off the mat and into the environment, and begin to shift behaviors in order to sustain our planet.

The mobile yoga studio based out of Westminster, Colorado continues to ignite passion within students of all ages. Wild Hearts Yoga creates an experience that reminds people to kindly love on the planet–it’s the only one we’ve got. 

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Wild Hearts Yoga

11552 Newland St. Westminster, CO



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