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Colorado Yoga House is a valued Distribution Partner CO YOGA + Life® Magazine. 

Colorado Yoga House, located in Montrose, Colorado, aims to make yoga available to everyone while also bringing value to the community. They do this through partnering with local businesses and wellness experts to help guide the community through healthy living and types of sustainable practices.

One of Colorado Yoga House’s core values is continuous improvement and innovation. To echo this value into the community, they are always creating and offering workshops, trainings, events and festivals for students.

Colorado yoga House is also able to provide yoga for ages seven and up, all the way to Colorado Mesa University college students. They truly aim to make yoga accessible to all, so that each person can experience joy and passion. 

With everyone in mind, Colorado Yoga House hosts a variety of class from Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga to Yin, Yoga Trapeze and so many more. Everyone is sure to find a class that aligns with their goals and aspirations for their yoga journey.  

Colorado Yoga House is dropping the stigma surrounding yoga and welcoming all levels of students by creating a neutral and welcoming environment, as well as emphasizing the importance of community. 

Learn more about Colorado Yoga House:


207 E Main Street Montrose, CO 81401


Photo Credit: John Trainor

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