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Established in 2019, Livas Yoga Mats offers the comfort of the mat and towel all-in-one, with unique designs that are bright, colorful, animals and subjects in yoga poses.

“This combination often encourages our clients to go to class, to do better and enlighten the mood,” shares Nadia Shaver, founder of Livas Yoga Mats. When she received the first sample of the mat, Shaver says she took it to the studio and it made her day.

“I was pleased with how great it absorbs the sweat and actually the more I sweat, the stronger my grip was on the mat,” she explains. “I used to carry two items: mat + towel. All I have to take with me to practice is my Livas Yoga Mat now.”

Practitioners don’t have to spend more than five minutes to treat their Lives Yoga Mat — just water and a rag, wipe it down, hang it face down outside and the mat is ready to be used again in a few minutes.

YOGA + Life® connected with Shaver to ask her a few more questions about Livas Yoga Mats:

Y+L: What are some things that make Livas Yoga Mats stand out and unique?

The designs make them unique. We currently have up to 24 designs. Livas Yoga Mats are also more than just a mat. First, I came up with the designs and after it was available I decided to look into the meaning of the characters and it has just blown my mind.

For example, the llama meaning could be reminding us that the biggest focus should be ourselves. Personal growth and connection with the spirit should be the highest priority at all times. The Unicorn could present a balance between emotions and logic. The real beauty of Cactus comes from the inside.  Mermaid may take on the meaning of a source of life, cleansing and renewal. Mermaid only shows herself to people who have pure hearts. Flamingo is letting you know that it’s time to socialize. It would be helpful in letting go of stressful situations and come to terms with changes in life.

Livas 3I figured that if I was drawn to certain characters then others might find it encouraging, appealing to a certain image, intrigued by the meaning behind this, and motivated to use the mat often and enjoy the practice.

We also would travel to different parts of U.S. to do different types of yoga. We went to North Carolina to do yoga with llamas, Fort Lauderdale beach to do yoga with a mermaid and watched them swim, and we’ve done goat yoga and yoga with flamingoes. We highlight our experiences and post them on the website as a blog. It creates a different charm for the mat as well. Inspired from our travels, we are offering travel mats now as well.

Y+L: What would you say are some of the benefits of practicing on a Livas Yoga Mat? 

Livas Yoga Mats provide a mat and towel in one; it’s wider than a standard mat, good for hot yoga, the more you sweat the stronger the grip is, it absorbs sweat very well, it is sand-resistant, it can be folded and it fits great in the luggage bag and it would not deform, it is really easy to maintain and it dries really fast. The designs are vibrant and pleasing to see during your practice.

Y+L: Anything else you would like to add about Livas Yoga Mats?

I would like to share the story behind Livas Yoga Mats name …

When my parents had me, they weren’t sure how to name me — for two weeks I had no name. It was a time of struggle for them, and they named me for the essence of “hope.” When I was in the process creating mats, I wasn’t sure about the name; I was puzzled for quite some time and then I decided to take part of my mom’s name and part of my dad’s name, and that’s how “Livas” was born.

And a little about the logo inspiration for Livas Yoga Mats …

My sister loves elephants, so the elephant represents my sister. My mother’s name is Lilya, that is why there is Lily Flower, and my father’s name is Vasiliy, which translated into flower.

Livas Yoga Mats are created with love and care — they are beautiful and practical. Our mission is to introduce to you a mat that you are going to love not just for how it looks, but also how practical it is. Most of our clients say “I love my mat!”

Stay connected with Livas Yoga Mats via their website and social media. Search for Livas Yoga Mats on Google, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, and visit their website:

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