Q&A with Koel Thomae, Co-Founder of Noosa Yoghurt | By Kim Fuller

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Noosa’s new Palisade peach flavor has our mouths watering this summer. To get to know the Colorado company on a deeper level, we asked co-founder Koel Thomae some questions on the source of her inspirations, how she fuels up for activities, and of course, more about the tantalizing treat that is Noosa.  

What was your inspiration to start producing Noosa Yoghurt for the Colorado market and beyond?  

The inspiration for Noosa came to me on a trip home to visit family, when I purchased a locally made yoghurt at a corner shop. This taste sparked an obsession that would ultimately change my life and would lead to the development of Noosa. Without any contacts in the dairy industry, I found a flyer in a local coffee shop and cold-called Robert Graves, a fourth-generation dairy farmer. We worked tirelessly together to bring Noosa Yoghurt to life, bootstrapping for our first two years in business and Noosa is now in over 25,000 stores nationwide. 

Colorado was the perfect place for me to launch Noosa, which all started off at the local farmers’ market in Boulder. It is a mecca for the natural foods industry and people here are more open to trying products that might be a bit unconventional. Our early retailer wins in Colorado — Whole Foods & King Soopers — were also instrumental to helping us grow.

Overall, the support we’ve gotten from yoghurt lovers in Colorado has really been essential to our success beyond our home state, and we continue to pay homage to our fans by launching limited and Colorado-only flavors like our current Palisade peach. 

With mountain biking as your favorite hobby, is Noosa Yoghurt ever a part of your pre- or post-fuel, or even your mid-ride snack break?  

Noosa is such a great and delicious product for anyone, and even mountain bikers like myself because it’s easy on your stomach and you can easily add extra sustenance with granola, fruit and nuts. A great pre-ride combination is Noosa honey with Justin’s almond butter swirled in.  And my post-ride go to is my favorite, passion fruit, sprinkled with Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola!

Why did Noosa Yoghurt decide to create a Palisade Peach flavor, and how long will it be out for consumers to enjoy? 

We decided to launch a Palisade peach flavor for our Colorado fans because we know this is a favorite among Coloradoans and selfishly myself too! I tasted my first Palisade peach when I moved to Colorado in 2000 and it is a favorite part of my summer when they are available. We wanted to be able to share that experience in a Noosa way, so we launched the limited-edition flavor last year to pay homage to our Colorado fans. Due to exceptional 2017 demand, we increased our order by four times from last year! Palisade Peaches are extra juicy and sweet — a perfect complement to our tart yoghurt made with whole milk. You can find the flavor at your local King Soopers/Kroger, Target and Walmart stores.


Photos courtesy of Noosa.

Kim FullerBased in Vail, Colorado, Kim Fuller is a freelance writer, editor and photojournalist, as well as a yoga teacher, legacy ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and co-founder of In Your Element, a yoga and outdoor adventure company. When Kim is not diligently writing and editing in her mountain nook, teaching yoga around town or finding a new adventure, find Kim at a local cafe or craft brewery, where she enjoys the more indulgent side of inspiration.

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