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The art of taking care of one’s self is often overlooked. Rather than being treated as the sacred act that it is, we see it as a task list or a box to check off by the end of the day so that we can go to bed feeling like we accomplished what everyone is telling us we are supposed to do. As someone who grew up with high levels of anxiety and is an over-achiever to the core, I try to find simple ways I can practice self-care to benefit my overall wellbeing and nourish my mind, body and soul. Through my own journey, I have found powerful ways to transform what we think of as daily “routines” into sacred rituals and incorporate the energy of ritual into my life.

I have found powerful ways to transform what we think of as daily “routines” into sacred rituals and incorporate the energy of ritual into my life.

Morning Alarm

I try to make the few moments after my morning alarm goes off as sacred as possible. Instead of hitting the snooze button or directly jumping out of bed, I take five minutes to do some form of deep breathing or meditation. I alternate depending on the day, but my personal favorite is a guided meditation centered around abundance and love. I’ve noticed that it completely shifts the way that I enter my day, and I am able to hold myself within a better energetic space while I attend meetings or work.

Coffee Ritual

Mornings are the perfect opportunity to start your day off with a sacred ritual. And yes, it can be as simple as enjoying your cup of coffee. Taking the time to make coffee (or tea) and sip it slowly, enjoying the flavor, smell and feeling switches your energy from a frantic “run out the door with whatever I can find” space to a slower and more relaxed state. It provides you with the opportunity to tune in with yourself before any big decisions or tasks are completed, and eases you into your day with a sense of grace and gratitude. I usually integrate some form of journaling practice during this time as well as it’s a great time to set goals for the day and plan for success.


Exercise is important, but the intention behind the way that you are moving your body is just as important as the movement itself. Instead of picking exercise rituals that make you unhappy, find something that uplifts your soul. Yoga has always fueled my soul and body the most, and is a practice I incorporate into my life every day. Whether it is 20 minutes or an hour on my mat, I always leave feeling grounded and centered.


There is something truly divine and healing in the act of taking care of your skin. Not only does it nourish and support the look of your skin, but it also provides the time and space in which you get to love and take care of yourself. It’s time to see yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself and rewire your brain towards feelings of pure love and enjoyment towards your body. Generally, beauty and skincare routines are seen as a task to be completed so that we look good, don’t have breakouts or simply because we think it is something that we are supposed to do. Infusing an aspect of true self-care into this practice makes it in and of itself, healing. rituals

For me, I use this time, throughout each product or step, to send pure love and acceptance towards my skin and self. Breathing deep, savoring the quiet moments that I get to be with just me. Each ingredient feeds my skin, and I soak in the sacred energy that I have cultivated for myself through this practice. This small act can be revolutionary and completely shifted the way I approach taking care of my skin.

Photos courtesy of H2a Botanicals.

Sierra Goldstein’s passion for natural skincare and green beauty has been a lifelong affair. At the young age of 14, she began formulating products out of her home kitchen using whatever organic and wildcrafted ingredients she could get her hands on. Over the years, Sierra evolved beyond her home kitchen, fully coming into her own as a holistic beauty formulator on a mission to inspire beauty in others from the inside-out. Sierra has studied intensively with herbalists and received an education in Natural Products Manufacturing, directly applying that knowledge to her own consciously crafted brand, H2a Botanicals.

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