Seva Story : 4th Grader Joanna Gives Back To Eagle County | By Rachel Glowacki

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“I just wanted to do something that will make it just a little bit better for kids.”

Meet Joanna, a 4th grader from Eagle County School District walking into the school cafeteria pre-COVID19; kids with lunch boxes, kids getting in line for lunch, no masks, no plexi glass dividing their seating, a typical school cafeteria where kids are finding their seats to eat lunch, side by side each other. Joanna noticed that there was a student at the lunch table who had neither, no school lunch and no lunch box from home. She offered him some of her lunch.

Joanna noticed. 

Joanna remembered.

Joanna Kent. Photo courtesy Emily Kent.

She remembered this moment when she was quarantined at home and sitting on the couch with her mom talking about helping in some small way. Joanna said; Mom, what if we start a food drive? 

On March 14th, they created a Go Fund Me page to give back to Eagle County families in need of groceries. About 42 percent of the county’s students are part of the free and reduced lunch program and count on breakfast and lunch meals through the school system. I caught wind of this seva child on Vail Mom’s on Facebook and was moved by her generosity. It truly takes a Vail Valley to come together in times like these. Joanna raised 1,000 dollars and mailed off grocery gift cards to multiple families. 

Here are just a couple of the heartfelt thanks Joanna and her mom received…

“I don’t know how to thank you and your daughter! You are a true blessing in the middle of so much chaos.”

“I have had to buy what I can at the grocery store as I have three kids at home and work two jobs. I am not sure what will happen to my employment so this is a great help to me. I thank you all for your kindness and God bless.”

In a time of uncertainty, we can be certain of one thing, that small acts of kindness, bring BIG amounts of gratitude.

Photo by Cristiano Pinto.

Rachel has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has specialized in kids yoga. After becoming a mom and a yoga teacher, she found a desire to teach children’s yoga after bringing their storybooks to life through movement, breathing exercises and meditation. She is an award-winning author, mentor and leader in the kids yoga community. She hopes that one day mindful movement will be taught regularly in schools like math and science! In 2019, she joined Next Generation Yoga as a senior trainer and curriculum developer. Rachel lives with her husband and two sons in Edwards, Colorado.

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