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Society Colorado : Denver’s Newest Wellness Collective Opens This Summer | By Lexi Reich

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This summer, Society Colorado is opening a 15,000-square-foot multipurpose collective in Denver that will house three unique concepts within food, entertainment and wellness, and the buzz surrounding it is palpable.

“Our intention is to bring our community together to inspire one another, enjoy experiences of the highest quality and facilitate growth,” shares co-founder Iman Haidar. “Keeping the synergy of the mind, body and soul as a guiding principle, we are committed to creating a space that nourishes creativity, inclusion, meaningful change and genuine connection. We’re driven to offer more than just a physical item or space but to fulfill a purpose to see our community flourish, as well.”


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CO YOGA + Life sat down with Haidar to learn more about Society’s three main spaces: Thrive, Vibe and Alive, and what readers can expect after its early summer grand opening.

What can our readers expect from Society Colorado this summer?

Thrive includes our food concepts, which will offer a full plant-based menu in our seated restaurant and healthy grab-and-go foods and beverages in our café. We will also craft in-house brewed beverages in our winery and host dinner theaters featuring variety acts, such as belly dance, burlesque and aerial arts.

Vibe is our flex social lounge/co-working space where one can meet with friends for a cocktail, have a casual meeting or work on a personal project. At night, it switches to a bar atmosphere, with live music and full production on the weekends. Vibe will also host occasional art galleries and pop-up marketplaces.

Alive is our wellness space, featuring yoga, dance classes, massage, sound healing, energy work and a series of workshops.

How do the three elements of Thrive, Vibe and Alive work together in this space?

The cooperation and integration of Thrive, Vibe and Alive under one roof is one of the aspects that truly makes Society so unique and special. Having many facets of the mind, body and soul operating under one roof can be revolutionary. There is often so much separation between these things, and we end up having to jump from place to place to integrate each aspect of our lives, which hinders the sense of community. With Society, it’s a one-stop destination where the community can work, relax, connect, celebrate, be inspired, fuel themselves and truly unite. It’s like many organs working in synergy to make a body system work.

The theme of this issue is THRIVE. What does THRIVE mean to you?

To me, thriving is pushing past surviving. Surviving is when you’re at your bare minimum in quality of life. You’re going through the motions to just get through each day. However, when you’re thriving, you’re growing, you’re learning and you’re integrating with your community. Thriving is staying inspired, driven and motivated to push past what your previous constraints have been to elevate yourself to new levels of progress and growth. I think it’s important to remember that thriving doesn’t come overnight though. It is a practice in mindfulness and requires planting your seeds and following through with watering your proverbial garden.

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Originally published in Summer + Fall 2023 issue of Colorado YOGA + life.

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