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Holistic Yoga School was born over a decade ago with the intention to create a Yoga Shala, a community place for learning and growth. Krista Davis founded the school, drawing inspiration from many years of traveling, living and teaching in conscious communities and yoga centers around the world. To this day, the school continues to thrive as a family-owned and operated small business.

“We strive to deliver the teachings in a way that helps preserve the traditions and lineages which we represent,” Davis says. “Our teacher team includes experts and scholars from the sciences of yoga, Sanskrit, ayurveda, trauma-informed yoga and more.”

Holistic Yoga School’s primary goal is to deliver an accessible, holistic, non-dogmatic approach to the healing arts of yoga. Its team believes that yoga can be a holistic health practice for everyone — every body, age, race and gender, regardless of physical abilities or economic limitations.

“We hope to help support each participant to discover a personal practice that best suits them as an individual. We provide tools which help contribute to long-lasting healthy lifestyles,” Davis adds.

YOGA + Life sat down with Davis to learn more about the inspiration behind Holistic Yoga School and its unique offerings.

  1. Holistic Yoga School is located at Wilder-Nest Retreats. Can you share more about this unique location and what it’s like to practice there? Are virtual options also available?

Our studio is located at Wilder Nest Retreats, which is nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in-between Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. Wilder Nest is a 100+ acre sanctuary immersed in natural beauty, with endless opportunities to connect with the earth. While many of Holistic Yoga School’s classes are offered outside, the cozy, indoor yoga space is available when the weather is harsher. Krista also holds her 200 Hour and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings in this space, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in learning, completely detached from outside distractions. In addition to in person offerings at Wilder Nest, students and participants also have a full range of virtual attendance options.

  1. What events/trainings would you like to especially highlight that readers can look forward to?

At Holistic Yoga School, students have the opportunity to complete both 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings, as well as Continuing Ed. These trainings are held in-person at Wilder Nest, with hybrid and virtual options. [Davis] also offers a number of in-person retreats at Wilder Nest throughout the year, as well as an annual Spring Equinox retreat in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

One of our most exciting upcoming offerings is an intensive 200 Hour YTT, held at our stunning location in Colorado, from July 9 – Aug 2, 2023. Loveland is one of Colorado’s most picturesque towns, nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains. This full immersion offers students the opportunity to completely dive into learning and community, far from distraction of everyday life. Not only is this training Yoga Alliance Certified, but it is also a self-healing and character-building retreat. By embodying the concepts a yogic lifestyle has to offer, students will naturally learn to share the teachings with others in an authentic way.

  1. Holistic Yoga School has a passion for connecting students to the earth. Can you elaborate on what this means?

With most of our offerings being held at Wilder Nest, or other retreat centers, we strive to offer students a unique experience, rooted deeply in our natural surroundings. Our locations offer a sense of peace and solace that is wildly different from being within four walls. [Davis] believes that being present in nature allows students to completely let go of the outside world, and dive fully into their practice and self-study. This environment allows students to fully observe their senses, while connecting mind, body, and spirit to the earth. There is something magically healing about being out in nature, and we believe that fresh air and sunshine help to enhance the effects of breathwork, Asana and personal reflection.

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