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Yoga Loft Avita Yoga Teacher Training

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Dates: Begins July 26, 2018

The yoga market is wide open because there is a large, untapped segment of the population wanting a way to regain the movement they once had, or resolve old injuries without creating new ones. Avita Yoga is the way!

Avita Yoga uses the muscles to access the bones and joints, which in turn provide a doorway to the nervous system and ultimately, the mind. It is practiced and taught in a way that makes it available and beneficial to all types of bodies regardless of age, with predictable results. 

A student once shared the following experience from an Avita Yoga class. She said, “I remember you saying that this work is about creating mobility in the parts of the body that need greater freedom and creating stability in the parts of the body that need stability. It brought it all together for me right in that moment and I understood what I was doing there. I remember softening into my body and asking, ‘OK body, what do you need from me now?’”

Avita Yoga isn’t about trying to fit the body into difficult positions for future gain. It is all about gently reclaiming the movement, health and stability that naturally belong to you and your body. It’s a shift in perception — starting anew, in the present moment each time you arrive on the mat, no matter what condition your body is in at the time. Avita Yoga is about creating new possibilities in body and mind, moment by moment. The pre-written sequences help resolve limiting patterns that no longer serve us so we can remember a healthier way of being in body, mind and spirit. It’s about going forward and creating a new way of being, for a lifetime.

  • Total tuition fee includes six months unlimited yoga at Yoga Loft
  • RYS 200 Hour Yoga Alliance

The Avita Yoga Teacher

A teacher must have the sincere desire to help others, which sounds trite until you realize that your desire to help others cannot happen without also helping yourself. As a student in this teacher training you will learn how to  take care of yourself. Self care and self practice become an asset that keeps you healthy, and informed as you help others. Your comprehension is improved through practice, and your words will have deeper meaning.

As teachers we commit to our own healing (which is an important part of the training) in order to meet the needs of our students. To share the practice is a deeply fulfilling responsibility. Along the way, you will fill your life’s “toolbox” with tools that will help you and those around you for a lifetime. To share the practice and the peace and happiness it brings fosters the same in you, which is what makes the experience good for your students but exceptionally good for you, the aspiring teacher. Remember, yoga joins. Perfection is never required.

For questions about the training, contact Jeff Bailey jeff@yogaloftboulder.com 

For questions about registration contact Patrizia programs@yogaloftboulder.com


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