The Science of Crystals | by Veronica Walters

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Crystal healing therapies have been around for thousands of years. The Egyptians, Native Americans, Druids, and yogis of ancient India used to prescribe them for different ailments. These therapies are beginning to gain popularity again as science catches up with what the ancients already knew: we are made up of energy. This is an undeniable truth and we are learning how this energy works and how we are affected by it.

We are made up of energy

Before becoming a Reiki teacher and a yoga teacher, I spent 15 years working in the electronic contract manufacturing industry. I worked on electronic circuit boards and components. One day, when I was working on a particularly large project that required data of a component, I realized the key material was quartz crystal.

Crystals are common components in a circuit and their key function is to manipulate the circuit’s frequency. When in contact with pressure, it creates a piezoelectric effect, which releases a small charge, affecting the frequency of the circuit. It became clear to me in that moment that crystal healing works because humans are giant electronic circuits.

I decided to research how crystals reacted to the human body. I read everything I could on crystal healing from research papers by doctors and scientists, to texts by shaman and healers. The crystal that I found became the physical manifestation of my intention for healing. It held me accountable and with its frequency, it kept me on track. Eight years later, I have dedicated myself to help others find healing, health, and happiness. I often utilize crystals in my work.

We are constantly being bombarded by low frequency emissions from our electronic devices

We are constantly being bombarded by low frequency emissions from our electronic devices, Wi-Fi in the home, and other energetic pollution. It is important to take steps to reduce stress and keep us protected. Beyond that, we must also protect ourselves from, or attract ourselves to, other people’s energy.

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VERONICA WALTERS is an eternal student of life and spirituality, Veronica first sought knowledge in Eastern philosophies and alternative healing methods as a teenager trying to learn more of the energies she felt around her. Veronica received her Reiki Master certification in Glastonbury, England through the Institute Center for Reiki Training. Veronica leads crystal classes, personal crystal consultations, yoga classes, and reiki sessions. |

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