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Timberleaf Trailers : Plan Your Next Escape | By Lexi Reich

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Not yet ready for retirement, an older man with early onset Alzheimer’s from Dallas had a dream of living on the road full-time, and part of his bucket list consisted of buying a Timberleaf Trailer in late 2015. With a great attitude about his predicament, he was able to travel for a year and a half before settling down, driving between tailgates at Yale with his son and exploring the vast Rocky Mountains.

“We’re building the vehicle to make their stories fun,” shares Kevin Molick, founder and owner of Timberleaf Trailers in Grand Junction.

Founded in 2015, the company’s teardrop trailers add a dose of convenience and luxury to any outdoor experience. Thanks to Timberleaf, a newlywed couple from a small town in Georgia clocked in 40,000 miles over the course of a year by living fulltime in their teardrop trailer. They traveled to all but four states, and the husband ended up working for Timberleaf for two years be- cause of how much he loved the company.

Timberleaf’s headquarters moved from Denver to Grand Junction in March 2018. For adventure seekers looking to get a trailer of their own, it’s nice to know that it’s not a long process — each TImberleaf Trailer takes only three to four weeks of total build time.Timberleaf trailers build time

“It’s fun to watch when we deliver a trailer,” Kevin says. “Our guys talk to the clients and it’s ultimately like giving birth — the trailers being born and going out the door and having those experiences.”

Their trailers are unique because of the design — the finish, detailing and accessories. It’s small enough, rugged enough and aesthetically pleasing. Anyone with a Subaru to a truck can use it to complement their outdoor excursions.

While Kevin acknowledges it’s one of the most expensive trailers in the country, he stands by the price tag because of how much the Timberleaf team puts into each one. As folks come to pick up their trailer, Kevin says the feedback his team most often hears is how expectations have been exceeded.

When you stand at the galley of the trailer, everything is right at your fingertips and easily accessed. The sink is right in front of you; the countertop is supreme for such a small unit. The trailer fits a queen size mattress and is crafted with quality in mind. In fact, many of the trailer’s components are purchased from yacht and marine suppliers, rather than typical trailer manufacturers. Anything welded for the trailer is made in Grand Junction, along with the wood finishes.Timberleaf Trailer kitchen

“We use local manufacturers whenever we can,” adds Kevin.

The trailer works because the men who craft it know what they’re doing; they’re all passionate about the outdoors and the environment. Kevin and his son, Alex, along with five other dedicated staff, make up the Timberleaf team.

“This is not about me, it’s about the experiences we create. Everyone here is passionate about it; every single guy who works here is a very unique individual,” Kevin says.

“We’re not all cut from same cloth, but we’re very avid outdoors- men,” shares Alex, who is the shop manager. “It’s a cool environment to work in. We all have great pride in the quality of work we put out.”

One of their workers, Jake, hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. His experience camping and backpacking helps add insight into the design and production of the trailers.

“It helps us think as a consumer, because we do camp and we can imagine very easily the use of our product in a rainstorm, the extreme cold or extreme heat,” Alex explains.

Last summer, Alex joined a couple who just purchased a trailer for a weekend in Ouray. The couple enjoyed camping off grid as Alex helped them navigate their new purchase. The couple spent most of their time organizing the kitchen and cooking glamorous meals.

“It was a unique experience to be among our customers with their first weekend in the trailer,” Alex says. “We definitely bonded.”

“There are such cool opportunities for recreation within the valley and within close proximity,” he adds. Alex commends the community for their support allowing the business to flourish and says Grand Junction will always be home.

There is a tentative agreement in the works for Timberleaf Trailers to open a space in Las Colonias, which is along the Colorado river- front near downtown Grand Junction.

“We’re trying to cultivate the outdoor industry there,” Kevin shares, adding Timberleaf would be the first manufacturer on the site.

If you’re looking for comfort at the end of the day with a quality mattress, kitchen and secure lock, check out the craftsmanship at Timberleaf Trailers.

Photos courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers.

Originally published in the Summer + Fall 2021 issue

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