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When you’re active, time for recovery is as vital as the hours you spend training. Resting with your legs elevated is certainly nice, but for when you’re up and on the move, joints and muscles need extra support. Kane has launched Revive — an innovative and eco-sustainable option for recovery footwear.

After a run, bike ride, yoga workshop or just a long day on your feet, the Revive is easy to pull on and does seem to aid in recovery much more than being barefoot or in slippers, sandals or light sneakers.

The Revive features a sole with 31 millimeters of cushioning, supporting smaller muscle groups within the foot and softening the impact of each foot plant. To help relieve muscle strain, Kane has created an anatomical shape that mimics the natural proportions and contours of the foot.

Slide on the Revive post-activity and it’s quite apparent why this footwear is designed for recovery. Kane has created an incredibly comfortable shoe with a fit that hugs the arch, heel and instep while providing ample room in the toe box.

Exterior perforations on the Revive integrate with interior ventilation channels to keep feet cool and dry by maximizing airflow. You can wear Revive at home or outside, as the shoe’s defined lugs increase traction across terrain.

We love Kane’s eco story. EVA foam found in most recovery footwear is traditionally built using carbon-intensive, petroleum-based polymers. Kane’s BounceBack foam uses biopolymers derived from sustainably harvested Brazilian sugarcane byproduct. Sugarcane is not only a renewable resource but is considered carbon-negative as well — the plant synthesizes carbon dioxide into energy via sugar, which is then extracted to form the ethylene used in Kane’s eco-based EVA foam.

After testing we can confirm that Kane Revive complements recovery through support and circulation. As long as you keep moving, Kane Revive will help you recover well too.



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