Try It On: Mack Weldon 4 – Way Short | By Bobby L’Heureux

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With so many different activities at our finger tips, it’s hard to know exactly what to wear on any given day. I have been gravitating toward clothing with multiple uses, especially in the summer months — those pieces you can break a sweat in and then meet up with friends for a BBQ or delicious beverage. The 4 – Way Shorts from Mack Weldon are designed to be a multi-use selection in your summer wardrobe: lightweight and water-repellent with a look for the golf course or a volleyball session.


The 4 – Way Shorts are an easy choice for all activities. They have a high-stretch fabric that is quick-drying and breathable. Plus, the fabric is also water repellent, good for rain or shine. The laser cut panels allow air to flow even on the hottest days. The zip pockets are bonded with a mesh liner and lay flat, giving you the feeling of a pocketless short.


I am in between a 31- 32 waist with decent sized quads. The medium fits perfect in the legs with a little extra room in the waist. However,belt loops would be a good addition for someone my size. The drawstring is internal and very long. When I used it to secure the shorts, it was a bulky in my waist line and created abulge.

The 4 – Way Short is priced at $78. I really enjoy these shorts and love the multi-use design, so I would give them a 4 out of 5.

Photos courtesy of Mack Weldon.

Bobby L’Heureux is the co-owner and Director of Partnerships for CO YOGA + Life™ Magazine. At the heart of his work, Bobby thrives on community and connection. He lives in the Vail Valley where he teaches yoga and runs Big Heart Big Hands, a non-profit that supports mountain safety and awareness. He is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Vail, and his yoga classes are always led with a big smile and a relaxed demeanor.

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