Try It On : Ridge Merino Solstice Hoodie | By Kim Fuller

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I love so many of the functional wool clothing options that have been coming out recently, and Ridge Merino’s Solstice Lightweight Wool Hoodie is one of my favorites to date.

I put this piece to the test on a recent week in Jackson, Wyoming, where mornings were spent playing outside, followed by yoga sessions and afternoons of work and productivity. The Solstice Hoodie stayed with me every step of the way; it’s the perfect layer to wear when there’s a slight chill in the air during a hike, and ideal for a touch of cozy when you’re sitting in front of your computer or enjoying a meal.

Not only does this lightweight layer feel great next-to-skin — made of 87 percent Merino wool and 13 percent nylon — it also provides a natural UPF of 25+ so you can protect yourself from harmful explore on sunny days. The fit is comfortable and relaxed, and I love how the piece keeps me covered but air moves through it, so overheating isn’t an issue and sweat seems to wick away. I haven’t used the discreet thumb holes very often, but if I decide to wear this piece under ski gear in the winter that detail will certainly come in handy. I did need to use the hood during a light rain shower once, and it was nice to have the option for some basic coverage.

A few seams at the base of the right sleeve have started to unravel, which I’m not fond of and will do my best to fix, but other than that this daily staple provides the perfect transition from summer into fall.

Ridge Merino Solstice Hoodie – $79.95


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