Try It On : Spy Helm 2 Sunglasses | By Bobby L’Heureux

Looking for sunglasses that work from the trail to the town? Here they are! The Helm 2 by Spy is one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses to date. From first glance I fell in love with the classic wayfarer shape and the gold spec lenses. The square lenses look symmetrical on both women’s and men’s faces.

It was not just the look that had me head over heels, but the function and what these shades are designed to do. Being an active man in the mountains as well as a man about town, I love that the Helm 2 is designed for it all. They are super lightweight polarized sunnies that stay on your head during my most active pursuits. Then once I was I was off the trail I threw on my button up and hit the streets. The look of the Helm 2 is casual and cool, making them a very versatile piece for anyone’s collection.


The stylish unisex look is made for sweaty pursuits and fashionable enough to go with any outfit. With the Happy Lens the view is crisp and bright, and they are a perfect tint that is not too dark when on even inside. The Happy Lens is designed to enhance your mood by blocking out the bad rays and letting the good rays in. It also helps to improve your mood and alertness. I do notice I am happy to put them on — This can be your one pair for all activities and life.


Because these are such a great design I want to wear them all the time. This means I have to clean them a lot. I am slightly worried about the softer plastic lenses getting surface scratches from all the cleaning. But, putting a glass lenses would make them heavier and more susceptible to


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