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The Lotus Wrap by Earth to Ethers offers an unprecedented opportunity for yoga and meditation practitioners alike to connect inside with greater ease. The Wrap alleviates physical discomfort — lower back aches, tight hips, sleepy legs — during seated meditation with its secure, nurturing snug holding the body. Its versatility is unmatched, also providing support and greater accessibility in yoga postures.

The belt is lightweight, compact, eco-friendly and sustainable. Created from natural linen and organic blends, you can feel the goodness from which it was made. Plus, you can trust its durability in your yoga practice from bow to staff pose.


The Lotus Wrap allows you to be in a seated position for an extended period of time by cradling the body, which in turn supports the spine and takes your focus off the physical body and onto the mind. It is easy to secure the belt around your body and the material is soft and comes in a variety of colors and designs. It would make the perfect yoga and meditation retreat companion because of its easy travel.

Newbie yogi Jozef Gach, 20, said his tight hips have prevented him from enjoying seated meditations and his lack of flexibility hinders him from experiencing the benefits of many yoga poses others rave about. With the Lotus Wrap, Jozef was able to feel the opennessof bow pose to the grounding, posture-correcting effect of staff pose. He shared how being able to deepen the sensation of these poses in a safe manner opened up a new world of possibility.


As someone with greater flexibility, I enjoyed using the wrap primarily for longer meditation sessions. It is important to note that the Wrap is better suited for support rather than heavy resistance. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using it as a stretching band during a forward fold, but as a lower back aid during staff pose. The Lotus Wrap comes with a guided print-out demonstrating over 25 ways to use the product, plus instructional videos can be found on their website.

The Classic 96’’ is priced at $67. If you have physical discomfort during meditation, this product may be an essential investment to your practice.

Photos courtesy of Earth to Ethers.


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