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Tracksmith is an independent running company that celebrates the spirit and heritage of the sport. I’ve enjoyed testing a few pieces this spring out on the road and on trails, and I was happy to watch a presentation recently with Matt Taylor, CEO and co-founder. He spoke on the company’s style inspiration and shared details on some of Tracksmith’s current apparel pieces.

“We definitely are inspired by the past but also look to the future,” Taylor said. “I think what’s unique in our aesthetic approach is that it’s just very understated and very simple and timeless … it reminds me of days gone by but it’s actually a very contemporary and simple design approach that we take.”

Tracksmith has many great pieces to fill in a runner’s wardrobe, and as summer heats up the lightweight and breathable Twilight collection will be a favorite for many during mid-day runs and track sessions.

Spring in the Colorado mountains has called for the Session Shorts and Harrier Long Sleeve for many of my morning runs. I’m a little chilly to start, but once I get moving and the sun lands in my lane, this combination is ideal.

The Session Shorts have a soft waistband for extra comfort and a side zipper pocket to store your phone, gels or a car key. I tested my phone in the pocket and it fit perfectly and stayed in place without any bounce. The 3.25-inch inseam is just right — not too short, not too long, and I love the four-way stretch knit that moves with me on every stride. These shorts are also UV protective, breathable, moisture wicking and have a Polygiene® anti-odor, anti-microbial liner.

“Session Shorts have been my go-to training short,” shared Taylor, who lives and runs in Boston, Massachusetts. “I probably wear these seven to eight months of the year on a very regular basis.”

I see myself saying the same thing about the Session Shorts as I continue to wear them often through the summer season and into fall.

The Harrier Long Sleeve is already like a good friend that I think about when we’re apart. The performance top is soft and inviting, made from a temperature-regulating merino blend.

“When it comes to natural performance fabrics, merino wool really is in a class of its own,” Taylor explained. “Our blend is really lightweight, surprisingly soft and stays warm even when it’s drenched with sweat. Of course for a runner, merino’s greatest property is its ability to resist odors.”

Taylor said when Tracksmith was testing merino blends back in 2014, he made everyone on the team wear the same Harrier shirt for two weeks straight during a particularly humid stretch of summer.

“Literally at the end of those two weeks the garments didn’t smell,” he said. “I think for running it’s one of the most important things … products that you can wear multiple times in a week without having to throw them in the wash.”

My husband Bobby has been testing the Harrier Long Sleeve as well, and I’ve seen him wear it in the office as much as he wears it on the trails. I’ve loved wearing the Harrier Long Sleeve on morning workouts and also for lounging at home and running errands. The Harrier Tank is also available from Tracksmith and will be a must as we slide into true summer weather and get out on long and sunny Sunday runs.

Session Shorts: $68

Harrier Long Sleeve: $78


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